Study and learning Collocation

Study and learning Collocation (یادگیری)

Study and learning Collocation

آدمی از لحظه‌ای که به دنیا می‌آید تا لحظه مرگش مشغول به یادگیری است. همه افراد در زندگی خود به مدرسه رفته‌اند و یا شخصی به آن‌ها آموزش داده است. معلم‌های خوب از Study and learning Collocation برای فهماندن مطالب خود به دانش آموزان استفاده می‌کنند. در این مقاله collocationهای مربوط به یادگیری و آموزش را با هم خواهیم آموخت و کلمات انگلیسی بیشتری را یادمیگیریم. فایل صوتی انتهای مقاله را به خوبی گوش دهید تا بهتر تلفظ Study and learning Collocation ها را یادبگیریرد.

Alternatives to do and get

اینجا چند Study and learning Collocation به شما می‌آموزیم تا بجای do و get بکار ببرید و جملات خود را زیباتر کنید. همینطور کلمات انگلیسی بیشتری را می‌آموزیم.

do an exam: I have to sit/take an exam in biology at the end of term.

do research, do a research project: Our class carried out / conducted a research project into the history

of our school.

do a course: I decided to enroll on / take a course in computer programming.

do a degree/diploma: She studied for / took a degree in engineering.

do a subject (e.g. law): I studied/took history and economics in high school.

do an essay/assignment : All students have to write an essay/assignment at the end of term.

do a lecture/talk: Professor Parkinson gave a lecture on the American Civil War.

get a degree/diploma: He obtained / was awarded a diploma in Town Planning in 1998.

get a grade: Her essay received / was given an A-grade.

get a qualification: You will need to obtain/acquire a qualification in social work.

get an education: The country is poor; only 27% of children receive a basic education.

sit/take an exam: امتحان دادن

carried out / conducted a research project: انجام پروژه تحقیقاتی

enroll on / take: ثبت نام کردن

studied for / took: مدرک گرفتن

studied/took history and economics: رشته تاریخ و اقتصاد خواندن

write an essay/assignment: نوشتن مقاله

gave a lecture: سخنرانی کردن

obtained / was awarded a diploma: اهدای مدرک

received / was given: نمره گرفتن

obtain/acquire a qualification: دریافت صلاحیت

receive education: آموزش دیدن

توجه: Don’t confuse pass an exam with sit/take an exam. Pass means to be successful in an exam or test. Say ‘I did my homework’, NOT I made my homework.’

حال به این مکالمه بین دانش آموز و معلم نگاه بکنید و دقت کنید که چطور معلم از Study and learning Collocation بجای حرف‌های دانش آموز استفاده می‌کند تا کلمات انگلیسی را بیاموزید.

Student: Do we have to go to all the lectures to do the course or just yours?

Teacher: You must attend all the lectures to complete the course.

Student: Excuse me. Where will next week’s class be? In this room?

Teacher: No. Next week’s class will be held in Room 405.

Student: When do we have to give you our essays?

Teacher: You have to hand in your essays on Friday.

Student: When do we have to send in our university applications?

Teacher: You have to submit your application by December 1st.

Student: What do I have to do if I want to leave the course?

Teacher: If you want to withdraw from the course, you have to go to the College Office

go to all the lectures: رفتن به سخنرانی

attend all the lectures: شرکت کردن در سخنرانی

class be: کلاس کجا هست

class will be held: کلاس برگزار می‌شود

give essays: دادن انشا یا مقاله

hand in your essays: مقالات را تحویل بدید

send in our applications:  فرستادن درخواست

submit your application: ارسال درخواست

leave the course: ترک دوره

withdraw from the course: کناره گیری از دوره

More collocations connected with study and learning

در متن زیر تعداد دیگری Study and learning Collocation برای گسترش کلمات انگلیسی خواهیم آموخت. فایل صوتی انتهای مقاله نیز هم collocation های بیشتری را به شما می‌آموزد و هم تلفظ درست آن‌ها را.

Do you keep a vocabulary notebook? It’s a good way of recording new collocations.

I did the first draft of my essay last week and the final draft this week. I have to hand it in tomorrow. Then the teacher gives us feedback after about a week.

We don’t have exams at my school. We have continuous assessment, [system where the quality of a student’s work is judged by pieces of course work and not by one final examination]

The local technical college provides training for young people in a variety of professions. After secondary school, 30% of the population go on to higher/tertiary education, and 20% of adults do some sort of further education course during their lives.

Does your government recognize foreign qualifications for school teachers?

keep notebook: نگهداری دفترچه

first draft: پیشنویس اول

final draft:پیشنویس آخرکلمات انگلیسی

gives us feedback: دادن بازخورد

continuous assessment: ارزیابی مستمر

provides training: آماده سازی آموزش

higher/tertiary education: آموزش عالیه

further education: تحصیلات عالی

recognize qualifications: تشخیص صلاحیت


در تمرین زیر سوالات را با Study and learning Collocation مناسب پر کنید.

1 What homework do we have to …………… tonight?

2 In which month do students usually ……………………. their final exams in your country?

3 Who do we have to ……………………… our essays in to?

4 Who is………………. today’s lecture on Shakespeare?

5 What do we need to do if we want to………………………. from the course?

6 In which room is the translation class going to be ……………………. ?

7 Have you done the first ……………………. of your essay yet?

8 Do you prefer exams or continuous …………………………. ?

9 Do you always …………………………  to all your lectures?

10  Does the college ……………………. training in computer skills?

فایل صوتی Study and learning Collocation

preschool: پیش دبستانی

kinder garden: مهد کودک

primary school: دبستان

elementary school: دبستان

first grade: کلاس اول

fifth grade: کلاس پنجم

middle school: راهنمایی

sixth grade: کلاس ششم

eighth grade: کلاس هشتم

high school: دبیرستان

ninth grade: کلاس نهم

twelfth grade: کلاس دوازدهم

 apply to colleges or universities: پذیرش در دانشگاه

got good grades: نمره خوب گرفتن

get a scholarship: بورسیه گرفتن

make presentation: ارائه دادن

write a report: نوشتن گزارش

great assignment: تکالیف عالی

drop the course: ترک دوره

choose a major: انتخاب رشته

graduate from the college: فارق التحصیل شدن از دانشگاه

have a bachelor’s degree: لیسانس داشتن

have masters degree: فوق لسانس داشتن

have a doctorate: دکترا داشتن

have a PHD: مدرک دکترا داشتن


در این مقاله چندین Study and learning Collocation را یادگرفتیم و کلمات انگلیسی زیتدی آموختیم. در مقالات بعدی همراه ما باشید.

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