bridal showers

معرفی رسم bridal showers

 معرفی رسم bridal showers

با سلام خدمت همراهان همیشگی موسسه فرساد امروز با مقاله آموزشی در مورد رسم bridal showers همراه باشید.
American Custome: Bridal Showers
دانستن فرهنگ و رسوم هر کشور باعث درک بهتر ما از خواندن متن ها و دیدن فیلم های ان فرهنگ میشود.
یکی از این رسوم در امریکا bridal showers میباشد که در این رسم دوستان نزدیک عروس ؛ قبل از عروسی دور هم جمع میشوند و هریک وسیله ای بعنوان جهزیه برای شروع زندگی‌ به عروس میدهند. این هدایا از هدایای شب عروسی جدا هستند.

Story Number Onebridal showers

Giving gifts to the bride to prepare her for her new life date back to 16th Century Holland. In these days, gifts were given to brides who were too poor and dowry-less, or to brides whose fathers didn’t approve of the marriage bridal showers . One particular story tells of a father who wanted his daughter to marry a wealthy pig farmer. She insisted on marrying a miller instead. Since the miller was from a lower class and the father didn’t give his blessing, the girl’s friends then brought her gifts to substitute a dowry and help her start her new home.

Story Number Two

The second story of bridal showers is where we get the more associated tradition of gift-giving. According to this history behind bridal showers, ladies in the Victorian days would gather to wish the bride well. They would then spoil her by bringing small gifts, notes, and home goods. These gifts were put in an open parasol and they would then “shower” them over her.

Today, the bridal shower tradition continues as friends throw brides-to-be showers to help prepare them for their new home. Wedding showers now can take many forms and some are even themed. No matter what kind of party, though, it’s part of a long tradition intended to wish the new bride well, celebrate her upcoming marriage, and help her prepare her new home

توضیحات انگلیسی امده در زیر را بخوانید و به کلمات جدید آن دقت کنید.
bridal shower  are given by close friends of the bride to be as a sort of dowry to start the bride off on her forthcoming role as a wife. The shower gifts are usually of the domestic variety, such as linens and kitchen utensils. These gifts are a prelude to the more expensive gifts that will be given at the wedding.

کلمات جدید  متن: bridal showers

bridal showers


Close friends دوستان نزدیک یا صمیمی
Dowry جهزیه

Start off شروع کردن
Forthcoming قریب الوقوع
Domestic خانگی
Variety چند وسیله متنوع
Linen پارچه کتان
Utensil لوازم اشپز خانه
Prelude مقدمه
به مثال زیر توجه کنید.
A: Diana, I can’t thank you enough for the bridal shower you had for me.
B: my pleasure! You really got some lovely gifts. Those kitchen utensils will sure come in handy.
A: well, I guess I’ll now have to learn how to cook.

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در این مقاله در مورد رسم bridal showers صحبت کردیم و دو داستان در رابطه با این رسم بیان کردیم. هدف این مقاله آشنایی با لغات جدید است.

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