Feelings and Emotion Collocation

Feelings and Emotion Collocation (احساسات)

Feelings and Emotion Collocation

احساسات هر فرد در هر مکان و زمانی تغییر می‌کنند. ما بعضی مواقع احساس شادی می‌کنیم. در موقعیت‌هایی ناراحت و غمگین هستیم. همچنین ممکن است عصبانی شویم. برای بیان و ابراز احساسات خود بطور کامل از Feelings and Emotion Collocation استفاده می‌کنیم. در مکالمات خود با دیگران می‌توانیم از این collocation ها استفاده کنیم تا به خوبی احساس خود را نسبت به یک موضوع بیبان کنیم. با گوش دادن به فایل صوتی انتهای مقاله تلفظ collocationهای این مقاله را به خوبی بیاموزید.

Feeling happy

در این بخش Feelings and Emotion Collocation ما collocationهای مربوط به احساس خوشحالی را یاد می‌گیریم. متن‌های زیر، متون کارت‌های تبریک ازدواج به Brian and Helen است.

1- Brian and Helen

Have a great day. I know you’ll be blissfully happy together.


2- Dear Helen and Brian,

We hope marriage brings you lasting happiness.

Jake and Maria

3- To Brian and Helen

Best wishes to the happy couple.


4- Brian and Helen

with love and best wishes on this happy occasion.

uncle Eric

blissfully happy: خیلی خوشحال و خوش شانس

lasting happiness: خوشبختی ماندگار

happy couple: زوج خوشبخت

happy occasion: مناسبت شادی

Feeling sad and upset

اینجا چند Feelings and Emotion Collocation را در نامه‌هایی که برای مجله Good Life فرستاده شده را با هم یاد خواهیم گرفت.

1- Dear Good Life,

My grandmother died six months ago and I’ve felt desperately sad and deeply depressed ever since. Is this normal for a 26-year-old?

Karen Young

2- Dear Good Life,

I was bitterly disappointed recently when a friend let me down badly. How can I express my disappointment to her without appearing silly or childish? I’m not very good at showing my feelings.

Yolanda Reed

3-Dear Good Life,

I felt a great sadness when I had to say goodbye to my friends at the end of our three years in university. The farewell party was such a sad occasion. What can I do? My life feels empty without them.

Jo Hart

4- Dear Good Life,

I failed an exam recently and it was a huge disappointment to me. Now I’m feeling increasingly anxious that I’ll fail the next one. In fact I’m worried sick. What should I do?

David Wright

desperately sad: ناامید و غمگین

deeply depressed: عمیقا ناراحت

bitterly disappointed: به شدت ناراحت

let me down badly: ناراحت کردن شخص

express disappointment: ابراز ناراحتی کردن

showing feelings: ابراز احساسات

great sadness: غم بزرگ

sad occasion: مناسبت غم انگیز

huge disappointment: غم بزرگ

increasingly anxious: شدیدتر شدن اضطراب

worried sick: بشدت نگران

Anger and emotion

در متن زیر Feelings and Emotion Collocation هایی در رابطه با عصبانیت یاد می‌گیریم. حتما به فایل صوتی موجود در انتهای مقاله برای یادگیری بیشتر collocationها گوش دهید.

There is mounting anger over the new tax, along with widespread condemnation of it [a lot of people in many different places have condemned it]. It has especially aroused feelings of resentment among professional people.

lost my temper and was seething with anger when she called me an idiot. [I suddenly became very angry]

Divorce is a highly emotional experience for all those involved. It’s hard not to give a pure emotional response. The emotional involvement of both parties is intense, and the emotional impact on children is huge. |these are rather formal collocations]

Jack was an emotional wreck [informal: in a bad emotional state] after his girlfriend finished with him.

mounting anger: بیشتر شدن عصبانیت

widespread condemnation: اتفاق بدی که خیلی از افراد با اون مخالفند و محکومش می کننداحساسات

aroused feelings: برانگیختن احساسات

lost my temper: از کوره در رفتن

seething with anger: عصصبانیت بیش از حد

highly emotional: بسیار احساسی

emotional response: پاسخ یا عکس العمل عاطفی

emotional involvement: درگیری عاطمفی

emotional impact: تاثیر عاطفی

emotional wreck: غمگین و سردرگم


برای یادگیری و تثبیت بیشتر Feelings and Emotion Collocation تمرین زیر را انجام دهید.

بجای کلمات بلد یا پر رنگ شده collocation مناسب بنویسید.

1- Dear James

I have to tel! you that there is general condemnation and growing anger over the news that the company pension scheme is to be closed down. The issue has brought out strong feelings among the staff. I am personally becoming more and more anxious that the situation might get out of control, and ask you to act immediately.

With best wishes,

Joanne Withers

Staff representative

2-Dear Joanne,

I too am full of anger over this pension question. I tried to show my disappointment over it to the Board, but they simply dismissed the issue and that just made me extremely angry. 1 feel very let down. I shall continue to do what I can.

Yours sincerely,

James Horgan (Resource Manager)

3- Gareth,

You probably know I didn’t get the job I applied for. It’s a very big disappointment.


4- Dear Winston,

I felt a big sadness when I heard of Patrick’s death. Will you be going to the funeral?

It will be such a sad thing, won’t it? Pamela

فایل صوتی Feelings and Emotion Collocation

a roller coaster emotions: موقعیتی که در آن کمی خوشحال و سپس ناراحت می‌شوید

ridiculously excited: به طور خنده آوری هیجان انگیز

visibly disappointed: ناراحتی مشهود

bottle up her emotions: مخفی کردن احساسات

immensely emotion: احساس فوق العاده

overwhelmed with emotion: غرق در احساسات شدن


در مقاله Feelings and Emotion Collocation به بررسی collocation هایی برای ابراز احساسات خود پرداختیم. با استفاده این‌ها در مکالمات خود به خوبی می‌توانید احساسات خود را به فرد مقابل خود برسانید. حتما در مقالات بعدی ما را همراهی کنید.

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