اهمیت کالوکیشن ها در زبان انگلیسی‌ the importance of collocations in English

The importance of collocations in English

The importance of collocations in English

We are going to take a look at the importance of collocations in the English language, what are defined as a group of words coming together to carry a meaning.

The reason of learning:
اهمیت کالوکیشن ها در زبان انگلیسی

The concept of collocation may not be learned for a long time after learning English, but it is formed in the learners’ mind from the very beginning of dealing with the language and learning the language. The principle of collocations and their teaching have an important place in the development of language teaching syllabus for all levels from beginner to advanced. At higher levels, a more prominent position needs to be devoted to learning collocations.

The benefits of learning English collocations include the followings:

1- The learners’ speech becomes closer to the native language and easier to understand.

2- When speaking, there will be more and better options. For example, instead of using duplicate words such as very, nice, get, etc., you can use words that are more relevant to other words in the text and convey your meaning better and more clearly.

3- For the mind, remembering and using language as units of a few words are easier than a simple word.

Today, creative methods that are in line with modern world standards have a special role in increasing the learning efficiency of collocations by the language learners, and the use of old methods has decreased compared to the past.

The importance of collocations in the IELTS test

Using English collocations can help make the text beautiful and fluent, and language learners who are unfamiliar with the subject, even with a rich vocabulary bank, fail to score higher than usual in various English language skills. If the learners’ language is limited to knowing the meaning of a word and do not try to learn the different phrases that these words can form with other words, they will never be able to get a good score in these tests.
The application of more complex English language structures, where a collocation can play its role, is one of the criteria for scoring especially in the spoken and written part of the IELTS and TOEFL test and can help the language learner to achieve a score of 7 or above in IELTS.

اهمیت کالوکیشن ها در زبان انگلیسیHow to learn English collocations:

  • Learn collocations and try to identify them in spoken and written examples.
  • Take a collocation as a single language unit and memorize its words altogether
  • When learning any new word, write it down  with the words that come with it. Remembering collocations in the form of sentences can also be effective.
  • Listen, read and watch as much as you can. Picking up these linguistic units is the best way to learn words and collocations naturally.
  • Grouping English collocations based on a mutual word makes them easier to learn.
  • Review what you’ve learned on a regular basis. And as an exercise, apply them in your daily life.
The abstract of article:

In this article, we talked about the importance of collocations in English. To know about the definition of collocations click here.

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