Farsad English Language Institute has started its English language activities and courses on July 1 with the slogan “English for the Universe”.

English Language Courses at Farsad Language Institute
This institute offers English language courses aimed at improving English speaking skills and preparing for internal and IELTS exams in a group, semi-private, and private manner to individuals and organizations. Professional and motivated staff with special attention to the quality of educational system, appropriate facilities and training environment, VIP Adult Class, and official certification at the end of the course. Unlike other English language institutions, a money-back guarantee will be made if the students are not satisfied with the quality of educational system in Farsad Language Institute.

The Objectives of the English Language Courses of the Farsad Institute
One of the main goals of the Farsad Language institute is to offer specialized English language courses and (24-hour Support) Applied Educational Services. Other goals of the Farsad Language Institute include continuous support, consultation and support for language learners throughout their educational process to ensure they achieve their desired outcome and progress, and also provide a safe, dynamic, and effective environment for the students to focus fully on learning. Farsad Language Institute is one of the best English language centers in Birjand, South Khorasan province. This institute also runs English workshop along with animating educational activities to appeal to adult education.

Guaranteed Courses at Farsad Language Institute
Farsad Institute offers a valid guarantee to students for all the Conversation Courses and National and International Exams Preparation Courses (IELTS), and also guarantee the passing score you need. Farsad English Language institute offers online and virtual English language courses to all language learners, thereby making it possible to teach English to the students who live in other cities as well as those who live abroad. These courses are taught by experienced teachers to the highest quality standards. The refund also will be made in these courses. This is a unique opportunity that eliminates any concern for you, and doubles the focus and energy to reach the goal.

The Characteristics of English Language Courses at Farsad Language Institute
1. Possibility of offering English language courses for adults at all levels, privately and publicly, depending on the needs of the learner
2. Professional and experienced teachers for each language group.
3. Group, semi-private, and private courses at institute, home, or workplace,
Normal or intensive courses for preparation for international exams in accordance with the individual student’s time frame and conditions.
4. Experienced training team and utilizing the most authoritative and practical training resources
5. Utilizing the most up-to-date language teaching and learning system in the world
; Semi-intensive curriculum; providing linguistic levels in fewer semesters while providing more semesters throughout the year than other institutions.
6. The conduction of practical and intensive English language conversation courses.
7. The inclusion of fewer students in each class to increase efficiency and provide more opportunity for each student to speak.
8. Using top-notch expert consultants to guide learners in making the best decisions based on their individual circumstances and goals (immigration, conversation, career, education, etc.).
9. Providing free online and offline educational support with an educational support team to help students improve their skills.

10. holding free Question and answer sessions
11. Sending lecturers to students’ homes or workplaces in line with the principle of customer orientation and ensuring their overall welfare.
12. Free discussion classes with knowledgeable professors
13. Language education and communication with learners through social networks (Instagram website, WhatsApp, etc.).
14. Paying special attention to customer orientation services, responsiveness to clients, and comprehensive educational support
15. Professional audio and video equipment and facilities, adequate training space, and a relaxed environment to enhance the quality of education
16. Offer official certification at the end of each course
17. Partnership with companies, and reputable institutions and accept responsibility for teaching language to staff.
18. Multimedia software development facilities and specialized e-learning sites in English and training packages
19. Animations and educational videos production facilities (multilingual) for virtual language education.
20. Having a planning team and training consultation to provide a structured training program (including free consultation).
21. Semi-private and group Business English courses
22. Holding specialized courses in medical, engineering, law, tourism and embassy interview
23. Holding IELTS mock test and internal MSRT and EPT test