چند ساعت مطالعه برای یادگیری انگلیسی time for English study

How many hours a day should I study English?

How many hours a day should I study English?

One of people’s main excuses to learn English is time. For example, I do not have time to study English! Language cannot be learned along with work and college! When should I study? And…

The root cause of these excuses is the lack of proper planning. If you really want to learn English, you have to care about it and have a plan for it. As an elementary learner, here is an article that can give a help.

When you want to plan for English learning, the first step is to know how many hours of study you need to learn English, and how much time do you need to reach the desired level of English skills.

In this article, we will state two things:

  1. How long does it take to learn a language?
  2. What should the schedule be like every day?

The time required to study and learn English

What level do you want to reach? Which of the four skills do you want to master most? Do you plan to take the IELTS test or is your goal to learn English as a second language to use for purposes such as business and travel? And…

These are the questions you need to answer first and then determine the time you need for English. Start your study with 10 minutes a day. Devote these 10 minutes to listening skills. Even learn English in waste time can be the live frog you have started eating. The more ambitious goal, the less chance to achieve.

چند ساعت مطالعه برای یادگیری انگلیسی

On average, you need to set aside about an hour a day to reach an acceptable level of English. However, how long it takes to get an acceptable skill depends on your method. Many people think that they have to learn a word to learn a language, unaware that learning words individually is not a language. Imagine that an English-speaking person wants to learn Persian. He goes on to learn vocabulary and chooses a translated book like 504 to begin his study with, as some have told him that the book contains the essential vocabulary of the language that everyone needs. After 10 lessons, how much will he be able to talk? Definitely nothing.

The reason is obvious because words are not language. Language must have meaning, tone, and purpose while broken and separate compartments, English words, have no meaning. To know how to learn English vocabulary, see this article.

So, the right way is the second step that you need to know what and how you want to spend this time on. So now we have to see what is the right way to learn?!

Study one hour per day

Our advice is to set aside at least one hour a day to learn English, do not rush, but be determined.

Of course, if you want to achieve a better result in the short term, you have to change this time, devoting more, depending on the result you want to get. You may have to put more than 4 hours a day for a period of time.

We recommend that you do not delay after you have determined your purpose. Let yourself manage time, not time manage you. Start as soon as possible and work on it continuously.

Daily English Learning Program

As explained, how you learn is important. Some may want to learn English on their own, self-study, so they have to to set aside more time each day. They have to read, they have to listen, they have to practice and write. In addition to self-study, others take part in English classes. These people should give priority to the schedule that the teacher determines, and their self-study should be in line with the same schedule. How much time they spend depends more on the program set by the English teacher according to their purpose. It is recommended that you consult an English language specialist after setting a goal.

Sometimes it is necessary to refer to more than one چند ساعت مطالعه برای یادگیری انگلیسیspecialist to get the best perspective and plan. Those who guarantee their curriculum partially allay our concerns about the effectiveness of the learning method. No schedule is 100% complete. So along the way, the teacher will get to know you better and, thus, will need to rearrange the schedule, making it more complete and accurate. So check the schedule along the way with your teacher or counselor. He measures your progress and modifies the program as needed. English learning is a process and you should always be in touch with your teacher.

So, in general, those who are interested in learning English should set aside a daily time for study, but this time will be different depending on the type of goal, direction, and program.

What we stated in this article:

1- Goal setting

2- Getting advice

3- Determining the schedule according to the time and purpose

4- Sticking to the schedule

5- Re-checking with the teacher and reviewing and correcting it if necessary

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