زمان های پرت زبان learn English in Waste time

How to learn English in waste time?

How to learn English in waste time?

Today we are going to discuss how to learn English in waste time. There are many people who are interested in learning English, but due to their busy schedule, they cannot handle time management well to enter the field of English learning.
Even among language learners, we encounter people who say we don’t have enough time to study or learn a language.

زمان های پرت زبان

Time management and Waste time recognition

We can solve this problem by learning how use time management tools to take the most of volatile times during the day and night. How?
How many hours a day do you watch TV?
How many hours a day do you walk or are you on your way to university, work or a market?
Do you think you can take advantage of these such amounts of wasted time?
Yes, you can use these wastes.

The first step is to set your schedule for the coming twenty four hours every day;

For example, eight hours for sleep, eight hours for work or university, two hours for commuting, two hours for lunch and dinner, two hours with family and two hours for watching TV or attending cyberspace.

We will intervene in just four hours from your time. We suggest that you follow our suggested schedule in the two hours you travel and the two hours you plan to watch TV and cyberspace.

The main points in taking advantage of waste time

A: Spend only part of your waste time learning the language

We want to make the most of our waste time, learn English in instead. Rest the rest of your time or have a normal life.

B: Don’t fool yourself

Some may say that we have no time at all and are busy all day and night. This is not the case. Think about it.

C: If you make a decision, follow it

The most important thing is to stick to the covenant you make with yourself. If you have promised to do so, be sure to do so.

Take advantage of waste time to learn English in

1. Use back and forth time to listen to the language

زمان های پرت زبان

How many hours a day are you on the go? We have set aside two hours, which will vary depending on the type of work you do and the amount of traffic in the city where you live.
Listen to the language at this time. You can use music that has a clear and specific text, or use language teaching files. Time management and commitment to the plan and goal, in fact yourself, are the key.

2. Use cyberspace time to teach language

Today, everyone considers time to be in cyberspace. You take advantage of this time to learn. All you have to do is change the language of your device to English and try to find the content that is written in English.

3. Use TV time to strengthen the language

If you are motivated and interested to learn English, go for movies that are in English or have English subtitles. We have some on our website that we reviewed several times to make sure you can get help from in learning English, just click here.
By doing this, you do not have a specific time for language learning, but you use your normal and daily time to enhance your time management and, thus, strengthen the language. You have fun and learn English in waste time, the reason we enrich our site englishforuni.com/en with films and animations.

Note: What we said here was an example. Each person can learn English according to their own circumstances and based on these patterns.

The abstract of article:

In this article, we learnt how to learn English in waste time and take more advantage of it. We also explored a variety of useful solutions to play more for times of uselessness. To gain more about time management, take a look at this guide and these tips.

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