چگونه به یک نویسنده مسلط How to become a fluent writer

How to become a fluent writer?

How to become a fluent writer?

Surely this question is ready for you, how to become a fluent writer? Writing in any language, especially if it wants to be done professionally, has its own origin. Mastery of writing texts, articles, stories, etc. in the first stage requires practice and practice, but how should you practice?

What should you do and how should you start if you want to become a fluent English writer?

چگونه به یک نویسنده مسلط

1. Use appropriate words and phrases

What you want to write is very important. You need to choose the best words according to the topic. It is a universal rule, no matter you write in English or any other languages.
You may be advised to write in plain English. We also recommend this, but simple writing itself requires the right vocabulary. You don’t just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.
Your text should have powerful words and phrases that will be hacked in the reader’s mind and the reader will enjoy reading it.

2. Don’t define, describe instead

One of the principles that makes an English text attractive to you and attracts the audience is the way you express yourself. Make the most of English elements such as adjectives, adverbs, metaphors and etc. to be able to write attractively. When you write a story, for example, about a forest;

A: You can define the forest and use appropriate words to explain it.

B: You can convey the concept of forest to the audience by describing its realities.

Which one the sentences above “A or B” do you prefer? Although the way of expression differs according to the type of writing and the subject, often descriptive expression is more attractive.

This example may make the English language clearer to you:

Sentence A:

“Sandy was angry after reading the letter.”

He says that Sandy was angry, but it does not convey to us a picture of him being angry.

But Sentence B:

“Sandy crumpled the letter and threw it into the fireplace before she stormed from the room.”

It shows us that Sandy is angry, without mentioning her “anger.” Be a creative writer and let your brain to fly as far higher as possible. Becoming a fluent English writer does not mean you have to write in a dry and cold way just sticking to definitions, 

3. Balanced use of metaphor, allegory and simile

The correct use of similes and metaphors in English will certainly come to life in your script, but misusing or overdoing them may also send a message to the audience that you write though not sure what to say.

So be careful not to get caught. This will keep the audience’s mind off the main topic.

چگونه به یک نویسنده مسلط

4. Don’t generalize

When you want to describe a movement or even an event in English, you can write the whole thing in one sentence and avoid giving details.

But our advice is not to do that. Remember that you are not a reporter, you are a writer.

Too much writing is one of the signs of bad writing. Either don’t write general sentences, or if you do, you’ll have to go into more detail later.

If you want to write general sentences in English, they should only be used at the beginning of a text and as a topic sentence. Then the details and reasons come to support that general statement. Write accurately and clearly.

The abstract of article:

In this article, the question is how to become a fluent writer? We answered and explained the tricks for writing. For further studies go here.

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