لهجه های مختلف در انگلیسی Different accents in English

The different accents in English Language

The different accents in English Language

We are going to look at the different accents in English. Has the difference in dialects and accents ever occupied your mind?

You have noticed that every province, city, and even every village have their own dialect and accent in Iran. If you are currently learning English or are interested in learning it, what accent would you like to learn to speak?

That’s right; just as we encounter different dialects in Persian, so it is in English. Here are some examples of these accents.

The different accents in English Language

Since English is used in many countries and has a high geographical spread, different accents and dialects of English have been created and spoken around the world. However, the thing is that you as an English learner or IELTS candidate do not need to spend time learning a particular accent or dialect since you need to be understandable, and you aren’t marked on your accent in the test. This point will be addressed a bit more below.

لهجه های مختلف در انگلیسی

Scottish accent:

Scottish accent is one of the most difficult English accents. Sometimes it is difficult for English-speaking people to understand this accent.

Australian Accent

This is an accent with longer vowel sounds. This accent is becoming more popular through the migration of English speakers to Australia.

Irish accent

The accent is spoken in Ireland and northern Britain. One of the main features of this language is the different pronunciation of ‘the’.

New Zealand accent

This is another English accent that is very similar to the British accent. The similarities between the two accents are so great that people who speak the New Zealand accent can usually relate to those who speak the British accent.

The characteristic of this accent, like other accents, is that it has its own words and phrases. Words that may not make sense outside the Pacific.

Singaporean accent

There are four official languages in Singapore. English is one of the four languages most commonly used for trade and business, and in international settings.

The Singaporean dialect is also known as the Single English accent. It is characterized by a combination of foreign words from other languages, making it a little difficult for English speakers to understand.

The most famous English accent

Among the English accents, American and British accents are the most popular and most widely spoken. The American accent is the dialect of the North American people (the United States and Canada) and the British is the standard accent of the United Kingdom.

If you’re into movies, you’ll find that most movies, TV shows, and even educational videos are produced in one of these two accents. That’s why most learners are interested in learning these accents.

The practical accents in exams
لهجه های مختلف در انگلیسی

If you are preparing for the IELTS or TOEFL test, you should know that your accent and dialect do not have much effect on international exams. Therefore, we recommend that you do not take the time to learn a particular accent and dialect for these tests, but rather take the time to pronounce the words and sentences accurately and correctly.

Although the listening part of the IELTS test and the listening part of the TOEFL test are provided in the British accent and in the American accent respectively, what you score on is the correct pronunciation of words and phrases.

The abstract of the article:

In this article, we talked about different accents and dialects in English and took a look at some differences between them.

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