اهمیت لهجه در اسپیکینگ آیلتس Accent in IELTS speaking

The importance of accent in IELTS speaking

The importance of accent in IELTS speaking

We are going to talk about the importance of accent in the IELTS Speaking. IELTS test is consists of four parts testing four language skills including speaking, listening, reading and writing, and administered by the British Council and the English Language Assessment Department of Cambridge University, UK.

That’s why many people think that speaking English in the speaking section is better than speaking American or other accents, and that leads to a higher score.

Accent in Speaking:اهمیت لهجه در اسپیکینگ آیلتس

If you are preparing for the IELTS test, you must have heard different dialects of English by now. You don’t understand some of these accents and you feel anxious.

You’re worried that you might be asked to speak in a test based on a specific English accent.

But you should know that in the speaking part of the IELTS test, accent is not important. So you don’t need English accents that include British, Australian, Canadian, Irish, etc.

A common mistake:

The root of this type of concern is a common mistake among learners.

In English, we have pronunciation and an accent, which are often mistaken for students in the IELTS test between the effect of “pronunciation” and the effect of “accent.”

Depending on the courses you have taken, or based on your interest, etc., you can speak one of the English, American, Canadian, New Zealand, Australian, or one of the dozens of dialects available in English. These differences do not affect the IELTS score.

Your interest in accents:

Among the English dialects, the British is the most popular. Most learners are also interested in mastering this dialect, but learning this dialect or any of the other dialects can be challenging.

If you are interested in a particular English accent, you can follow it using the right methods.

If you want to take the IELTS test right now, you should not devote time to learning English in your preparation exercises, as it will not help you at all and will cause you to waste time.

Now, you may be wondering, if the accent is not important, then what is the criterion for scoring and evaluation in the speaking section?

Accent in IELTS speaking, important or not?

اهمیت لهجه در اسپیکینگ آیلتسThe effective factor in the IELTS interview test score is the correct pronunciation. The correct pronunciation is to pronounce English words and phrases correctly in standard ways. Note that you need to speak in the right way to be understood. 

Here are some tips to help you get the right pronunciation:

A: Observe the principles of the font when pronouncing the English word

B: Observe the tone of voice when pronouncing the English word

A: Observe the stress of words and sentences

D: Observe the correct weight

E: Observance of the sound in sentences

So what affects your speaking score is the correct pronunciation, not the English accent. To be able to reassure the examiner of your correct pronunciation, you need to follow the steps outlined above. The most important factor in strengthening pronunciation is listening more and practicing more. If you are looking for the required score in the pronunciation criterion, listen to a lot of English and speak a lot to master it completely.

The abstract of the article:

In this article, we talked about the importance of accent in IELTS speaking, and also discussed some important points about the IELTS test.

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