چگونه یادگیری زبان انگلیسی را شروع کنم؟ English Speaking skills

English speaking skills

English speaking skills

English speaking skills : As we know, in order to have an effective relationship, we need to improve our English speaking skills . English conversation is one of the features that can have a major impact on your progress if it is learned basically. English Speaking skills is one of the four skills to be learned in English. This skill, along with listening skills, are the most important ones, and also the first skills of any language. We start learning these two skills from the beginning of birth. With this skill, you can achieve the great goals you have. In this article, we are going to suggest some strategies that will enhance this skill.

1. Develop English speaking skills by speaking

First and foremost, you need to talk to enhance your speaking skills. The more you talk, the more skilled you will become. Having conversation increases your confidence so “speak to each other as much as you can”. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and worst of all, don’t feed your fear. Most learners have the impression that they need to speak flawlessly. This is a big mistake. Language is learned by making mistakes and then learning from mistakes. I recommend reading the article “The Challenges and Problems of English Learning

2. Use any Opportunity to Speak

The next solution is to speak as much English as you can; use any opportunity to do so. For example, when you enjoy the weather, repeat in English, “such good weather”. You can use this solution for a similar situation too.

3. Imitate like a Parrot

Imitating is also one of the strategies to speak English. You can imitate the words, pronunciation, and tone of your English coaches that you find appealing.

4. Watch English News

Try to watch the news because the announcers have strong communication skills.

5. Be Creative

Choose a topic for conversation and speak about it in English to make this skill easier for yourself. Like your mother tongue, to develop English speaking skills you need to think in English and produce as many phrases as you can in English.

6. Describe the Images

You can choose a picture with your friends and describe the image. You can even express your feelings about the picture in English.

7. Improve your vocabulary

To make your speech easier, you need to expand your vocabulary. By increasing your lexical knowledge, you will be able to better convey what you mean to the audience. We have outlined strategies to increase the vocabulary in another paper.
Read different English stories to enhance this skill. Look at new terms and words and their grammatical structure, and then try to use them while you speak English. Read the paper how reinforcing English through storytelling.

In the end, just like any other skill, it also requires a lot of repetition and practice. So take every opportunity to enhance this skill. The only one who can make you to acquire a skill, and here English speaking skills, is you. Don’t forget the formula “Make a mistake, get feedback, correct yourself and learn”.


We reviewed seven helpful tips for developing English Speaking skills.

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