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What are the main sources of the IELTS test?

What are the main sources of the IELTS test?

You must be wondering what the main sources of the IELTS test are. Join us to answer this question.

If you are applying for an IELTS test, you must be concerned about which sources are more important. This is especially true for people who for some reasons cannot attend IELTS specialized classes.

Here are some key pointers in moving forward with your quest for convenience.

منابع اصلی آزمون آیلتسThe main sources:

A: The official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

This book is one of the main sources of the IELTS test, and you need it to take the IELTS test. In addition to being perfect, this book has a good educational aspect. If you haven’t read this book, don’t go to other sources.

The contents of this book are prepared in five sections, each of which includes several separate chapters. These five sections are:

Listening section: Includes 8 chapters in which you will be taught a variety of questions and tips in the listening section.
Reading section: Includes 8 chapters that include questions and tips for Reading IELTS.
Writing section: Includes 8 chapters that cover academic and general writing.
Speaking section: Includes 4 chapters that will teach you three separate speaking sections in the IELTS test.
Exercise section: There are 8 sample questions, 6 of which are questions from the academic exam and the last 2 are from the general exam.

B: Complete IELTS

People who have more opportunities to take the test and want to participate in IELTS with high accuracy and focus and are looking for the main sources of the IELTS test must go to this book.

This book is the most up-to-date book available for the IELTS test, but its teaching method is also technique-oriented.

One of the charms of this book is that it is graded based on the score and is as follows:

Complete level IELTS Bands 4-5: B1: Includes 10 lessons

Complete level IELTS Bands 5-6.5: B2: Includes 8 lessons

Complete level IELTS Bands 6.5-7. 5: C1: Includes 8 lessons

C: New insight into IELTSمنابع اصلی آزمون آیلتس

If you are in a hurry to take the test and do not have enough time to read other sources, one of the main sources of the IELTS test for you is the book, New Insight into IELTS.

This book prepares you for the IELTS test in four general lessons. One of the charms of this book for people who have a little opportunity is that it has specified useful points in a separate box.

Each lesson in this book consists of three parts:

Part One: The Problem

Section 2: Response Techniques

Part 3: Exercise and sample questions

D: Kaplan IELTS Premier with 8 practice test

If you are good at mastering English language skills but have difficulty answering tests, we recommend that you check out this book.

The highlight of this book is testing skills. The contents of this book are prepared in the following seven sections:

Part One: Introducing the IELTS Test Structure

Part Two: Listening

Part 3: Reading

Section 4: Writing

Section 5: Speaking

The final word:

You may have heard this advice from many professors, but we must say that if you are motivated to get a high score on the IELTS test and want to take action, be sure to plan for yourself. Studying alone is not enough. Go ahead with planning and be sure to try the techniques to answer the test questions.

Remember: planning + paying attention to techniques + reading and studying

The abstract of the article:

In this article, we talked about the main sources of the IELTS test and examined these sources in full. For more information you can go on this site.

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