importance learning teaching Holly Quran

The importance of learning and teaching in the Holly Quran

The importance of learning and teaching in the Holly Quran

A quick look at the importance of learning and teaching in the Holly Quran

Learning and teaching have been the two inseparable keys to any development. Therefore, it made us to do a comprehensive study the importance of learning and teaching in the Holly Quran , one of the holy books gifted to human being by the God. Looking through the history, we can realize that most of prophets, professors, philosophers and scientists have had a written works to help people learn.Among those, the Holly Quran is the most recent one believed that it was gifted to human by the God.

Learning in the view of the Holly Quran

Learning in The Holly Quran has its own position as it was emphasized several times. The question is why the God should repeat something. There might be two different reasons, 1. wasting time and 2. importance of learning.

As far as I know in all holly books and form the rationale behind the God is exalted to waste time on necessary things. So, the second reason comes into consideration that is the importance of learning. Among all holly books, there are myriad verses in the Holly Quran that put emphasis on the importance of learning. So, in this essay the importance of learning in the Holly Quran will be discussed. 

Interestingly, the God introduces himself as a teacher and trainer who taught reading of quran to the Holly messenger,  Surah (1) Ar-Rahman (2) «الرحمن علم القرآن» (verse 2). Or, in the other surah called “Al-Alaq” , the god tells the holly messenger, ” Recite in the Name of Allah who is your creator and nurturer, and who created all creatures of the universe (verse 4 and 5)

Teaching in the view of quran

According to quran , the god is the first teacher of human, and after him, he introduces the messengers and prophets as teachers of human to teach them what they need to have a better life and future. “Truly, Allah conferred a great favour on the believers , as he raised up s messenger from among themselves, reciting to the Allah’s words of revelation, purifying them and teaching them the book and the wisdom whereas before that, they had been in an obvious error.” ( Al-e-Imran verse 164) 

The Holly Quran not only encourage human to learn and combat illiteracy, but also it also swears on pen as a tool for recording knowledge. “By the pen and what they write with.” (Al-Qalam, verse 1). It is worth noting that eating and toughing some animals, such as dog, are forbidden.

The importance of learning and teaching in the

When it comes to teaching, however, the food that is forged by a dog, which has already been taught, is lawful. “They ask you [O, messenger!] about what is lawful for them [as food], say: “Lawful have been made for you the good and pure foods and what those beasts and birds of prey which you have trained as hounds, trained and taught them [to catch] in the manner as directed to you by Allah; so eat of what they catch for you, but mention the name of Allah over it, and fear from the disobedience of Allah’s commands. Verily, Allah is the Swift-Reckoner.” (Al-Maideh, Ayat 4)

For further studies in Persian, it is recommended to read this page about teaching and learning (تعلیم و تعلم در قرآن)

What was said:

In this article, we took a look at importance learning and teaching in the Holly Quran. 

Future article

Although, the question is how the relationship between a teacher and a student, or a trainee and a trainer should be, what the teaching methods are, what the teaching aids are, and what the subjects are. All have been explained in detail in the Holly Quran, but they are beyond the scope of the essay. You can follow us and read about more in future articles.

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