چالش ها و مشکلات یادگیری زبان انگلیسی English Language Learning Challenges and Problems

English Language Learning: Challenges and Problems

English Language Learning: Challenges and Problems

English is one of the languages with a great deal of people’s attention. Like other languages, English language learning has many challenges and problems which can be classified into three categories:

Personal and Psychological Challenges and Problems in Learning English Language

The first challenge for the learner is the desire to speak flawlessly. We are all afraid of making mistakes in essence. We are always worried about what others think about us. So we want to be perfect. This sense of perfectionism can also be seen in the process of learning English. We have forgotten that we have learned our mother tongue by repeating mistakes and learning from them. So in the first case, we need to know that language learning is impossible without making mistakes. If you want to speak English well, first you must make mistakes as well.

English Language Learning: Challenges and Problems

The second challenge for the learner is the change in lifestyle. Language learning is like losing weight. If you want to lose weight, first you have to be careful about what you eat. Second, you must stick to your diet not for a short time but for your whole life. Third, set aside time for that. Be sensitive to what you eat. The key is to prepare yourself for a radical change. Dedicate at least half an hour a day to learn the language. Listen, read, repeat, make mistake, receive feedback, and learn.

The next challenge is that the learner should not just use one learning method. With the advancement of technology, at least sixteen different content is available to us. For example, Attending English classes, reading English stories, watching movies, using flashcards are among the useful tasks which can help us to learn English.

Structural Problems in learning English

The fourth challenge is that English, like other languages, has many rules and grammar that need to be taught properly. Learning English grammar is not an easy task because if you use it inappropriately, your audience may not get what you mean.  The next challenge is to use the correct tense in conversation in order to convey the exact meaning to the audience. Missing the correct tense happens while you translate the sentence in your mind.  The sixth challenge is the learning of idioms and expressions that learners must learn in addition to learning grammar and vocabulary. The next challenge is to spell English words correctly, and also consider the keynotes to figure out their pronunciation easier. Correct dictation is one of the other challenges that learners must take into consideration during the language acquisition process.

The Challenge of Choosing the Right Word

English Language Learning: Challenges and Problems

Figuring out how to choose the right word is the next challenge. English vocabulary can be divided into three sections (Formal, informal, and neutral). Learners must use the words rightly in the sentences. Using the right word in the right place makes sense of the sentence.

The last challenge that makes the language learning process harder is that words in the English language have different meanings like the Persian language. If we look at this issue from another perspective, this may also make the process of language learning easier since you learn different meanings by learning just one word.

We reviewed a number of language learning challenges. The main thing is that not to be so sensitive toward these challenges. Remember that making mistakes is the bridge to learn a language, and to do so you must cross the bridge.

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