اهمیت یادگیری تلفظ لغات انگلیسی چیست ؟

What is the importance of learning English vocabulary pronunciation?

What is the importance of learning English vocabulary pronunciation?

Do we need to spend time learning the pronunciation? What is the importance of learning English vocabulary pronunciation? When you speak English, your vocabulary pronunciation is definitely the first (and most important) thing that people notice (not the grammatical and vocabulary structures you use). When you meet someone and say one or two sentences, what do you think he or she is most interested in: words and their pronunciation or grammatical structures? Probably none. He will pay more attention to your pronunciation. If your pronunciation is bad, he will immediately think about how bad you are speaking. Your pronunciation is the first impression you give people who speak with you.

In this article we are going to explore the importance of learning English vocabulary pronunciation.

 The first impression and importance of learning English vocabulary pronunciation

Your pronunciation gives you the most and the best effect in the first meeting, it means how good or bad you pronounce the English vocabulary. We all love being loved. We like to make a positive impact. In addition to dressing well, being polite, and displaying proper body language; we must speak well, and the first point is how we speak. Your pronunciation is the first impression you give people who speak with.


What is the importance of learning English vocabulary pronunciation?

Good pronunciation should be one of the first things you learn in the language learning process. So, you must take the importance of learning vocabulary pronunciation seriously.  You can also live without advanced vocabulary. You can use simple words to express your sentences. Without advanced grammar you can live and do your job well. You can use simple grammar structures instead. But there is no such thing as “simple pronunciation”. You must either learn English words with British or American pronunciation. English, like other languages, has different accents and pronunciations. But in standard English, what is recommended to learners is to choose one of two accents.

The consequences of spelling words wrong are very bad. It makes you seems illiterate. Someone who is trying to fit in. He seems literate, but we know he can’t because even his vocabulary pronunciation are wrong. We’ll look awful with the wrong English vocabulary pronunciation.

Can you really speak English with others?

Almost all learners think: “I don’t need to learn pronunciation. I just want to be able to speak English. ”Many of them think they can speak English easily because they can speak with their teacher and other language learners. This is an experience I have come across during the thousands of classes I have had over the years. Make no mistake! The importance of pronouncing English words correctly cannot be ignored. You have to remember that

  1. Your teacher has been used to hear bad pronunciation for many years. He can understand what you say better than anyone else. Even if you say the words incorrectly.
  2.  Most of other classmates and students speak like you and make the same mistakes as your pronunciation. So it is easy for them to understand what you are saying…

اهمیت یادگیری تلفظ لغات انگلیسی چیست ؟

The best way to make sure you can speak English well is to speak with a native speaker. If he understands what you are saying, then you can claim that you are speaking well. Unfortunately, many learners overlook the importance of learning the correct pronunciation of English words. What is given in books and in the classroom is always different from what we see in the real environment.

In the real world, the speed of the conversation and the way the words are spoken vary widely depending on the vocabulary. Vowels are joined together to consonants and consonants letters to vowels. These things affect how the words are spoken. As a result of these connections, vocabulary changes can sometimes  never taught in a book-based classroom. For more information, we recommend you too read other articles “Intonation, “Tone Between Sentences”, and “Rhythm”.

What we said in this article:

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