11 نکته تقویت مهارت نوشتاری انگلیسی Tips to Improve English Writing Skills

Eleven Tips to Improve English Writing Skills

Eleven Tips to improve English writing skills

One of the most advanced skills that is essential to all languages is the ability to write. There are some tips to improve your English writing skills that will help us write better. You will naturally learn to hear, speak and read after hearing. Here are three tips to boost your English   Writing skills:

Before start

Theme Selection

1. To write, you first need to take into account a specific story and develop it into your mind so that you can easily convey it to the reader. Writing skills in English first and foremost requires a strong will to write. Don’t be afraid to write. Consider a topic and write about it.

2.  When you have an idea in mind and want to write about it, you should first consider it in different ways. You need a brainstorm or Brain Storm to do this. Brain Storm is a way in which you try to think deeply about something without order. For example, in a logical framework, you can think about the advantages and disadvantages of over-dependency on the Internet. Then put together the tips that came to your mind.To choose the right idea you need to know who you are writing for. Writing for children needs a different subject. However, when writing for their parents, we have to choose a different subject. Writing for teens also has its own themes.


3. In relation to Brainstorm, it is important to have a critical view of the subject at hand. In fact, as a writer you have to think a lot to be able to write everything logically and meaningfully. We can’t write about everything that comes to our minds. Because then you have to think of writing a multi-volume book. From the entries you have listed, you have to choose which titles or subheadings you want to choose. Consider the target audience as you mentioned above. Be cruel and choose only two or at most three titles to write. If you are writing a longer article, you will need more headlines. Different texts have their own ways of writing. Writing and describing events is another type of writing.

4. As a beginner you do not need to master a variety of writing styles. You just have enough writing skills to make a paper in English. Producing content and getting feedback and correcting it over time will give you enough fluency in the language and the ability to learn different styles.

During the Process

Write according to the type of writing

11 نکته نوشتاری5. If you are writing multi-part and comic content such as “Storytelling,” you should arrange the things you write in your outline as you are writing a succession of events that include your plan. 

6. One of the most appropriate ways to practice writing is to write memoirs. You can write important events of your life in daily, weekly and even monthly diaries in English. Try to get used to it over time. In this way, you have not only enhanced your writing skills but also increased your thinking ability.

7.You can use a portfolio during the study. Portfolio is a collection of posts along with pictures, documents, and more that you collect for further education. This will increase your thinking power and will have a positive reflection on your study and more importantly on your life.

Diversity in vocabulary

Vocabulary and grammar are our tools in writing English. Without these two tools, we are like a hammerless craftsman who cannot engrave on metal.

8. Obviously, being a good writer and having strong lexical knowledge is closely related. The more words you know, the better you can naturally describe yourself with those words.

Diversity in grammatical structures

9. In addition to having lexical knowledge, you must also have good grammar knowledge, since writing is a formal and academic skill. In fact, writings that are not grammatically correct and do not have a logical meaning will not be acceptable to the reader.

10. In grammar, for example, you are expected to be familiar with the types of letters and their uses in English. Correlations are words and phrases that combine the components of a sentence into your writing and allow you to write more fluently. To improve your English writing skills, no choice have you but to enhance your grammar.

End of the Process

Rereading and Editing

۱۱ نکته تقویت مهارت نوشتاری انگلیسی

11. After you finish writing, correct it, read it carefully again, and get the dictionary help if you need it. As a result, you can eliminate mistakes and errors, such as the use of incorrect words in terms of semantic fit, formal or informal word form, English grammar, cohesion, and other things you may find in your text.

Re-reading the text we have written may seem tedious. But there is no writer without mistake. Get used to it and re-read everything we write. Remember, editing content is a part of writing skills, especially writing in English, which is not our native language and the probability of mistakes is higher consequently.

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