Six Strategies for English Conversation

Six Strategies for English Conversation

Six Practical Strategies for Effective English Conversation

Whether there is an effective and practical strategy for effective conversation is a question for many English language learners. Speaking is recognized as one of the most essential language skills. One of the ways to communicate with others is to talk to them. We meet and interact with many people every day. Some of us may have trouble making such a connection. But if we know how much these relationships are improving our spirits, we will try to get our conversations on track. speaking in English is no exception. One of the most basic goals of all learners is to have a purposeful and useful talk with one another. Here’s a practical strategy for effective conversation.

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Of the core English language skills, conversation should be the first skill you master. In this article, we tried to introduce you six strategies for English conversation.

1. Listen well

You need to listen well in order to have a useful and effective conversation. Conversational listening skills are some of the problems most language learners face. I must tell you  that if you do not listen well to conversations you will never be able to speak well. Instead of focusing on each keyword, find the keywords to at least understand the opposite. Try to communicate and gradually improve your ability.

2- Appropriate vocabulary 

Increase your vocabulary range as much as you can. Learn a phrase, not a word. The second plan for having an effective English conversation is to have a proper vocabulary so that you do not miss a word during the conversation. Our solution to you is to repeat the essential words you need. This does not mean sitting down and repeating the words. Rather, you have to learn the words in the form of movies, books, English songs, because words are easier to remember in your text.

3- Correct vocabulary pronunciation

Incorrect pronunciation has a negative effect on perception. Another practical strategy for effective conversation is to learn the correct pronunciation of words. Having the correct pronunciation of words will help you to understand the conversation better. One practical solution to improve pronunciation is to repeat English songs or conversations within the videos.

4- Overcome your fear

Another plan for the conversation is confidence. Fear of speaking in front of others is one of the greatest fears. Many studies have classified it as death. So you’re not alone. Lack of confidence is a problem for many people and has nothing to do with boosting English conversation. Our solution is for you to face your fears. Put yourself in situations where you have to talk. Having confidence makes your conversations more attractive.

5- Body Language

Don’t forget the importance of body language. One practical strategy for effective conversation is to use hand movements, facial expressions, pauses, painting when talking to others. Many researchers believe that ۷۰% of concepts are transmitted by body language. Body language helps you get the meaning of the conversation wherever you get caught up in the conversations you have, and it will keep your vocabulary in mind.

6. Grammar

Try to follow the grammar as much as possible in your English conversation. Observing the grammar makes the sentence meaningful. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to worry about English grammar, because even people who are fluent in English sometimes make mistakes. As we Persian speakers have mistakes in Persian. These mistakes are not very common for English speakers. Don’t be too obsessive. Read the article “English Grammar, Yes or No?

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