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The Founder

The Founder

“The Founder” was proudly added to the “Entertainment-Learning” English collection. Our plan, our motto, is to have fun and learn English both together at the same time. Watch more videos in this entertainment-learning English collection.

By watching it, we are going to experience both fun and entertainment, and it will help us learn English through the story of turning a simple idea into a money-making idea. In this film, you will watch how a simple task turned into a global level. The McDonald’s, an on-road cafe, was founded in 1940 by the McDonald brothers, Richard and Morris. In those years, they tried to expand the café through franchise. Fifteen years later, in 1955, Roy Kroc joined the company as a franchise agent and later bought it from the McDonald brothers.

Is it possible?! How can a car dealer become an international restaurant owner, I would say the largest real estate owner, in the world?

Follow your dreams:

One of the highlights of the film is Roy Kroc: “I know what you think of how a 52-year-old car salesman was able to build a fast-food empire with 1,600 restaurants worldwide and an annual revenue of 700 million dollars. The answer is one-word, persistence!”

Personally, as a member of a community, we strive every day to achieve some or all of our aspirations. Some of these aspirations are financial and material. Wishes like having a house or a good car, or having enough income that can guarantee our future and that of our children. Of course, you all know that just having a dream is not enough, but you have to find a way to achieve it. When our goal is to learn English, trying nonstop hard comes next. However, we can have fun too as our motto says “learn English and have fun”.

The Founder: the plot

Having a creative idea along with hope, effort, and perseverance will have an impact when it is on the right track. In The Founder, we see the true story of one of these people. In this film, we see that our founder, Mr. Founder is trying to change and, of course, to defeat every effort.

When you try again and again, you fail, you fail, you fail, but you don’t give up, because you believe there must be a way to success, but you haven’t found it yet. There is something that can satisfy not only the world but only you. Be happy when you wake up every morning. Smile when you start a busy day. The film’s founder tells us that not all shots are going to hit the target, but with each shot, the chances of success increase. You get anxious and get ready for the next shot because you’re getting your hands on how to shoot!

An Unhappy Salesman:

One of the most interesting points of this film is depicting the image of a salesman’s misery. The seller of stylish milkshakes. He goes from cafe to cafe, restaurant to restaurant, so that maybe he can convince the owner to buy one of these damn devices. You drive long distances every day to find your sales target. You’re trying hard, but you’re not doing well. You aren’t satisfied with you; yet, it’s too early for you to become a founder. It’s too early for you to prove your existence, that golden point. The one you were made for, the founder. Do you know why?

It’s impossible for you to do it alone! Just like learning English, with one or two words, nothing significant happens. Actually, it might happen but wouldn’t dramatic. You don’t feel it. So you need a situation that will help you find a better path. To speed up this path. You need a series of knowledgeable people to work with you, or rather to be satisfied with working with you from the bottom of their heart and with all their energy. We also recommend you to watch the animation”Kubo and the two strings“, very interesting to have fun and very helpful to learn English.

The movie language:

The film is made in the American-English accent of the 1940s and 1960s. One of the characteristics of the English language on those days was the formality and observance of grammatical structures. This is a very important subject in learning and important for learners because we can better understand the practical use of words and grammatical points by watching this film paying attention to the dialogues.

The phrases and expressions of this film are economic. The film tells the story of Roy’s life, first as a salesman and then as an investor, that depicts the evolution of his life and the formation of the idea of ​​chain restaurants.

The language of the film can be divided into three parts. The first part takes place in the first stage of Roy’s life, when a regular seller. He then meets people he should dress and talk like. Familiarity with stockbrokers, lawyers and economic advisors. In this section, he is learning how to speak more formally and distance himself from the so-called colloquial English language. In the third part, the official English language comes to life. He prepares himself for interviews and lectures where the structure of the language must be formal. Don’t forget our motto and what we are going to do here, learn English and have fun.


About learning English:

Since learning English is the result of practice and repetition, we divided each set into two parts. First see the film or animation and experience fun and entertainment along with learning English with the videos in the collection.Then, in the second part, the comments. You can ask your questions by mentioning the time of the movie. For example, you can easily ask in the comments, “What is said in 15.34?” We talk about these terms in the comments and review the phrases together and discuss them. We talk about its uses and learn how to use those phrases in our sentences. Let’s learn English, have fun, and be happy.

English Learning Method:

1. Watch the movie and enjoy it

2. Comment on English terms and expressions

3- Comment on your questions

Further studies:

1. Video “Money and English Language

2. Coherence devices in IELTS test essays

3. What are the main sources of the IELTS test?

4. How to think in English?

In comments, discussion, review, practice and repeat

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