پول و زبان انگلیسی Money and English Language

Money and English Language

Money and English Language

As you can see from the title, we are going to teach you the English language in a lovely and lucrative way in the following clips. Well, money! That kind friend!

Earning Money

When we talk about money, the first thing that may come to your mind is a job.

We have jobs and we work to make money.

We get up early in the morning, go to work, try hard, and finally make money.

Now the question is, what can we do when we get the money at the end of our month ?! There are many ways to spend money. You can buy goods with your money. You can invest the money on yourself. Maybe you’ve made this investment before. That’s why you are here. You’re learning English.

Spending Money

Money and English Language

We can go shopping, buy whatever we want for ourselves …

Or maybe not! With the job we have and the money we get, we can’t buy everything we want. Maybe what we want to buy is too expensive and we can’t buy. That’s why they say buy when you’re not good! Shopping goes by the mood in English. Because the things you buy don’t need us. We’re actually spending money badly (retail therapy).

Well, when we go shopping, we buy goods. That is, you buy goods by giving and wasting money.

Now if you keep shopping like this and buy whatever you want, when you go back home and look at your pocket you will see that everything you have in your pocket is spent and your pocket is empty.

You’d better be a little more careful and buy something or things that you really needed and didn’t spend all your money on! There is a saying in English that says “Easy come, easy go”. But we worked hard for the money. So don’t waste it easily.

The smarter ways: Money and the English Language

Well, it’s better to be smart. Keep our money for the rainy day or save it somewhere. In English we say save money. For example in the bank.

Money and English Language

We have to be a little smarter, and after we save our money, we have a better idea of investing and making money. There are many teachers who speak English very well. This intriguing theme itself can make us listen and watch more English clips.

That’s when the money works for you! And it makes you richer and richer!

In this video:

1- We talked about money and the vocabulary of companionship
2- We talked about making money
3- We said why we go to work
4- And we said you have to be careful about your stuff

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