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Who has participated in the speaking English and IELTS courses at the Farsad English Institute ?

Who has participated in the speaking English and IELTS courses at the Farsad English Institute ?

As a language learner, what do you expect from your course if you attend a speaking English or IELTS course at an English Institute ? What do you think are the challenges and difficulties of language learning? To what extent have you been able to address the challenges of learning English ? Share your feedback with us, so we can try to update our teaching method more.

What do you think of the guarantee?

The Farsad Language Institute is one of the institutions that has been active in the field of English language teaching and IELTS in the last few years. Our target age group is adults. You can transfer your language training to the institute as a guaranteed zero to one hundred percent legal contract. This means that wherever you are unsatisfied with the course of the speaking or IELTS, by simply declaring your dissatisfaction with the institution, you will simply receive your full payment without deduction on the same day. We can hardly say that this service is one of the few that we see in our beloved country of Iran.

How important is the class population?

Holding classes with a low population of between two and three target people represents a commitment we have to our goal of education. Most of us adults have experienced language training. At various institutions, there are courses ranging from speaking English and IELTS to free discussion, vocabulary and grammar. It is not difficult to estimate the number of people attending a class. Naturally, when it comes to money and business, classes need to be filled with language learners to make more money. Even when there is no guarantee of a good job, one’s dream of not responding is easy because there is no need to respond to questions and feedback.

Are educational materials only effective in learning process?

Good teaching materials will work alongside good teaching methods. At Farsad English Institute , we have come together with the best and most experienced language teachers so we can show our commitment. Obviously, commitment along the right methods will get you to the goal directly. While your individual achievements may seem insignificant, but all of them make us more prosperous as a whole. Learning English language through Farsad Institute is worth a try and also double the enjoyment of learning for you. Your dream about speaking English fluently will come true just by joining us. Nevertheless “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

Summary of Mr. Khosravi’s Speech on IELTS Course

The point I want to tell those who watch this video is that money and cost are very important, so do this process of language acquisition by planning. I recommend you to consult with Mr. Farsad; he will show you the rope and also give you an effective plan to learn English fluently as an English learner. After taking English level test in Farsad English Institute , my English level was classified as A1. Therefore, I started to learn English as a second language learner who was afraid of failing to talk and understand English. After a while, I reached 6 band in IELTS and could communicate easily in English with my university professors.

Since Mr. Farsad was educated abroad (Australia), he acted as professional coach shoulder-to-shoulder form the beginning. During my application process, Mr. Farsad’s recommendations as a passionate master act as a helpful source helping me to write a professional CV and paper for an American university to accept me as a Ph.D. student. At last, my paper was accepted as a top article in that foreign conference, and this motivated me to go on this path steadfast. Now I am an international student who has accepted to the Ph.D. program in University of Minho. I never thought that my dreams come true.


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