Kubo and the two strings_Fun and Learn انیمیشن کوبو و دوتارش‌ـ سرگرمی و یادگیری زبان انگلیسی motto learn English and have fun

Kubo and the two strings Animation

Kubo and the two strings Animation

With you with the animation of “Kubo and the two strings”. Our plan, our motto, is to have fun and learn English both together at the same time.

“Kubo and the two strings” animation story:

This animation is the story of an adolescent called Kobo, which was made of Japanese characters who speaks English and are going to help us learn English while we have fun. The Samurai sword-fight moves in this animation was probably the reason why they were chosen to tell the story of Kobo. He is a two-strings player but not a usual one. He does some certain things and actions, such as … (you watch yourself), while playing. Kobo’s mother is … .

In this animation, there are two other characters, a monkey, who becomes a friend of Kobo after an incident. I myself really love the Monkey’s character. He has a nice English language from which we can get help to learn English, and he also has a penetrable tone you will love hearing and have fun, I’ll bet. His design and movements both together have doubled the amusement of the story. These are the things that make me love this character most. And, the other character, he is … (you should watch it). In short, these friends take us with them to their adventures that they even do not know about.

This work can be classified as the best animations in the genre of action in 2019. I loved that. I watched it with my wife and son and enjoyed. Hope you enjoy watching it too. Let me know in comments.

The animation language:

“Kubo and the two strings” animation is made in English, very smooth and fluent, which helps us a lot to learn English. The expressions in this animation are expressed fluent. The expressions that are very common in English. One of the beauties of this collection is the combination of English phrases and expressions with actions so that many of them can be understood by watching scenes. If you ask me, I would say that this animation does have a certain age limit which means that you too can watch it with your family, learn English and have fun together. Don’t forget our motto and what we are going to do here, learn English and have fun.


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Learn English language:

Since learning English is the result of practice and repetition, we divided each set into two parts. In the article, watch the animation and experience the fun and entertainment along with learning English in the second part. In the comments section, you can ask your questions by mentioning the time. For example, you can easily ask in comments “What is said in 15.34?” We talk about these terms in the comments and review their phrases and talk about it. We talk about its uses and learn how to use these phrases in a sentence. Let’s learn English and have fun (our motto).

The learning Method:

1- See the collection and enjoy it

2- Comment on English terms and phrases

3- Comment on your questions

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In comments, discussion, review, practice and repeat

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