یادگیری زبان انگلیسی از طریق موسیقی

How to learn English through music and songs?

How to learn English through music and songs?

In the article “How to learn English through music and songs?” We discuss the reasons for using music in language learning and teaching. You are certainly aware of how doing an activity that interests you can help you speed up the process of learning. It is also recommended to read the article “How long does it take to learn a new language e.g. English?“. Here are some ways to do this:

Before you begin, you must select the songs you want to learn. This is very important because it can cause problems for you. Inappropriate songs are:

They use hard language which is not very common.
Not popular or less popular (with all the respect we have for freelance artists, but you’d better learn music that uses more popular slang if you want to communicate with English speakers).
They are very fast (difficult to learn)
Their poems are not easily accessible.

Here are eight tips to help you choose the right music and learn English with:

Find songs from the right place.

  • You can search for video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. These sites have lots of music videos with English subtitles.چگونه از طریق موسیقی
  • Spottily’s subscription service: is also a good choice because it has a very large set of applications and you can use it anywhere. It also keeps you up to date with popular and up-to-date music.
  • Language Ties: are a great way to learn English by enjoying real songs. In the song and music section of this website, there are many songs that you can find that are right for you by choosing your favorite song.

1. Choose the right songs.

  • Select the songs you like. If you don’t like the songs you want to learn English you will quickly get bored.
  • Find music that uses the right language. A language that is not too easy or too hard to use and is widespread.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes singers don’t pronounce the words correctly. So maybe heavy metal is not a good choice to start with.
  • You need songs that tell a story, because these types of songs are easier to understand and easier to imagine. If you are really in a low level language, you should start with children’s songs or Disney songs.
  • Start with pop songs and then go for other styles. Pop and pop music is mostly about love, so words will have a lot of repetition. When you are ready enough to go for other styles, you will learn more vocabulary.

2. To better understand the lyrics, read more words and strengthen your base  

It would be great if you could only learn English by listening to music. But in reality, you have to set aside time to understand the lyrics to understand their meaning. This is what we teachers call “support”. (“Scaffolding” is a device that holds the building under construction, such as a bicycle’s auxiliary wheels Instead of trying to understand the meaning of the lyrics yourself, use the resources below to help make this process easier :

  • Lyrics.com and smart lyrics.com both have extensive resources.
  • Music English is a collection of YouTube music videos with subtitles.
  • Language Ties.com/songs. Help you learn via a collection of popular English songs with translations and audio files plus tutorials on each song.

3. Read poems and vocabulary

 In addition to understanding the content, it is important that you periodically review the vocabulary you have learned. Break up the song word for word and learn each word thoroughly and make it part of your vocabulary. You can do this via the Anki or Brainscape flashcard service.

4. Sing the song

 As long as the audience is not sitting in front of you, it’s okay if you read awful. So don’t be upset that you have no musical ability. Besides, you should try to sing along. This will force you to move your mouth in the right way and keep up with the rhythm of the song. therefore, it will help you be able to control too much hesitation and too many pauses in you conversation. For more information go on to the article “How to prevent too many pauses in English conversation?“.

5. Try to keep reading

After a while you should be able to maintain the song. And now you’re ready to take the next step. Try to read the song without looking at the lyrics. At this point you should be able to incorporate the words you have learned into your daily conversations.

6. Repeat repeatedly

چگونه از طریق موسیقی

You don’t have to go to the next song if you learn one English song. In fact, once you feel comfortable with one song, you can learn another song. And when enough time has passed you can go back to the first song, this is called spaced repetition, which has proven to be more effective than trying to learn fully and comprehensively in the first act.

7. Find new songs that add to what you’ve learned

This seems to be the hardest step. Every new song you choose should balance well with new words and familiar words. This level of overlap keeps you eager and also naturally strengthens your previous learning to get a better result.

Have fun and enjoy! Music is a universal language that we all understand and enjoy. Listen to English songs every day to see how easy it is to learn. When you combine learning a language with fun activities, for example listening and reading with a song, you will not even realize that you are learning a second language.

Source: language ties

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In this article the question How to learn English through music and songs? We responded and reviewed eight very useful tips for choosing the right music.

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