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Why don’t I learn English?

Why don’t I learn English?

This (why don’t I learn English) is a question that many learners ask themselves and themselves. To examine this question and analyze the reasons, we should refer to the methods of learning English. Since there are so many wrong ways, we will analyze the basic learning methods in this short time. I have seen many learners who are sensitive to the level and level of their class and semester in the learning process, which will be an enemy of your learning principle. This is not a school or university where we can learn English with a degree or a degree. Because if you get the best score or read English in the upper semester classes but your language skills are low and your semester level is higher, this is useless and you go the wrong way. The following article “The creative methods of teaching the English language” is also recommended.

So the first step is:

Be honest with yourself and identify your language proficiency test. So here’s one of the reasons that prevented us from learning English:

Attending high and advanced semesters with low knowledge will pose a serious risk to you in the process of teaching English.
An instructor for learning English gave an interesting example, saying that learning a language such as making a fast food such as a sandwich or a hamburger is not a short time, but that learning English is like making a Ragu that needs more time.

چرا زبان انگلیسی

So get out of the thought of learning English overnight and know this is a long way. I suggest you set your first goal of getting to the point where learning English becomes a permanent part of your life, such as eating or sleeping. It should be noted that learning English is not just about going to language schools because we have learners who come in four or even five years of language classes but have not yet acquired enough knowledge because they have not only a specific purpose but also a time Who are devoted to learning right there and in the classroom.

Then: studying habit

The first thing to do is to get right into the habit of studying the language with a passion and a routine like eating.
Once you are on the right track, you will no longer face the problem of lack of perseverance in learning English, and I even dare assure you that this will be half your success. After taking this step, you should know your priorities well and don’t expect unnecessary oneself. The most basic and most basic part you need is words. As long as you don’t know the vocabulary you are like a child who has not yet mastered the language, so you should increase your vocabulary in the process of starting a language learning, which is divided into two main parts that you can learn more about. Read the article “Ten ways to increase English vocabulary“.

Focusing on English Vocabulary is not a week or two, this will take you a few months, so don’t despair and continue on your way. There are some great resources for learning English words that I recommend to you oxford word skills books.

When you see that you learn the vocabulary of this book, you can expect yourself to be able to put into words what you mean (like a newly opened child who is only able to express his / her request with short and sometimes broken sentences). So be careful not to expect too much after reading these books.

From now on, depending on your intentions of learning English, you will have to choose your own methods for listening, speaking, writing and reading skills.

The abstract of this article:

In this article, we examined why we do not learn English and also outlined some steps for better learning. Also it is recommended to to go on this page and read another article.

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