چگونه تلفظ مان را بهبود بخشیم؟ improve English pronunciation

10 ways to improve pronunciation

10 ways to improve pronunciation

Speaking English is the best way to improve pronunciation. If you can’t speak to someone whose native language is English, what can you do to improve your pronunciation? Pronunciation is defined as the way words are said, but accent and dialect can also affect it. You can take a look at the its definition by Cambridge Dictionary.

There are 10 ways to get your vocal cords involved and improve your pronunciation:

1.  Listen to your speaking carefully

If you can’t listen to your pronunciation mistakes, you will have trouble correcting them. Be sure to record your own voice and compare it to the English one.

2. Speak Slower and focus on pronunciation

Many people who learn English believe that speaking fast increases mistakes. Practice a few basic tips a day. First, start with the single voices, then continue the vocabulary, and finally, connect and read a few words.

3. Imagine the position of your mouth and face before you say a word

چگونه تلفظ مان را بهبود بخشیم؟

Close your eyes and think about how to produce that sound before you pronounce a word. Imagine the position of your mouth and face.  

4. Do the physical work

Pronunciation is a practical physical task. Give your mouth new movement and use different muscles. Focus on different voices daily. Having trouble pronouncing “th”? Put your tongue behind your teeth and puff out!

5. Watch yourself

Stand in front of the mirror to see your tongue, lips and mouth shape when you pronounce certain sounds. Watch a movie in English and compare your pronunciation to it.

6. Imitate the skilled people

The best way to learn pronunciation is to imitate the expert, the native English speaker. So listen! Listen to radio programs and watch and  listen English videos and videos on TV and movies. (Don’t read the subtitles) Imitate what you listen. Even if you are not sure what to say.

7. Practice pronunciation alone

Pronunciation problems remain for fear of being wrong. Make up a story for yourself, like meeting someone for the first time, trying to order food at a restaurant, asking for an address. Then practice the conversation with yourself. Don’t be embarrassed at all!

8. Find an English penpal to improve your pronunciation with each other’s help

It is better to ask someone who is seeing your pronunciations from the outside. Find a friend like you who wants to improve in English. You can exchange your recorded messages so you can listen to each other’s pronunciations carefully.چگونه تلفظ مان را بهبود بخشیم؟

9. Have a poetic nature

It is not enough just to master the vowels individually for good pronunciation. You have to pay attention to the song and the tone of the sound (up and down) and the accent. Read poems, lectures, and songs and focus on stress and intonation.

10. Sing a Song

Learn and read vocabulary of popular English songs at the same time. Singing songs helps you to relax and get the words out of your mouth. At the same time it is effective for your song and rhythm.

The abstract of the article:

In this article, we provided helpful tips to improve pronunciation.

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