چگونه به سرعت متن های انگلیسیHow to read English texts reading

How to read English texts quickly?

How to read English texts quickly?

Reading!!! Don’t worry, this is not just your question. Millions of people around the world learning English would like to know how to read English texts, as the most important part of the language, quickly! Even if you don’t want to interact with other people, you should at least read the names of the streets or menu of a restaurant in another country. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking are the four main skills of any language. The difficulty and ease of learning them are quite tasteful and depends on your skill, but I think reading texts is one of the easiest skills! so do not worry.

And now we want to answer the question of how to read English texts quickly?

The English texts are divided into different categories, but here for your ease we divide them into two general categories

1) Single-sentence or single-word texts that are most useful, such as reading a restaurant menu or guidebooks

2) Any text that contains more than one sentence

Learn to read short sentences and keywords

Learning these sentences depends more on howچگونه به سرعت متن های انگلیسی often they are used and applied in your daily life as well as your short-term memory.

To start learning you can buy books with English titles on the trip, English words and similar topics and read it page by page. You can also carry it and use it in different situations! You may have to travel to make a business contract and you should read the paragraph in which it is located. What to do now? It is very simple, you can prepare and read English books for special purposes with regard to the field of contract, e.g. business, civil, engineering, etc…

If your learning time is limited, it is best to prioritize your time limit and learn the most words in the least amount of time. So it is best to make a list of the different positions you may be in, whether it be restaurants, airports, streets, a particular company, a particular course, etc., and provide training books for the same areas and Read.
There are also in-person or online courses where you can get the best results in the shortest time by mentioning your type of need and time limit.

Learn to read long English texts

There are several ways to read different English texts easily. But the most important is practice and repetition. If you want to improve your understanding of texts, spend your leisure time studying. You don’t have to know all the words! Even English speakers don’t know some words! You have to learn to grasp the whole text and guess the unknown words. Some textbooks that focus on particular words or particular structures of the English language are suitable for raising your technical knowledge. From storybook to cookbook! You don’t have to be specific, you need to broaden your thinking and have information in different fields.

چگونه به سرعت متن های انگلیسی

Be sure to think about it before read English texts. When you start a book called The Lonely Pool, anticipate the subject in your mind and think of words you might come across. Open the book, flip a few pages, and just turn your eyes around the words. This allows you to easily grasp the whole text and prepare your mind for accepting new words!

Create a notebook for yourself. Read a wide variety of English texts and write down any words you were unfamiliar with. Writing will stabilize your brain. Sometimes try to use the words you have learned, even in your own mind. Remember that no one in the world knows everything! Don’t be disappointed, every new book adds a sea of ​​information, so enjoy reading after all!

The abstract of the article:

In this article, we learned how to increase our speed in reading English texts, and we found some very useful tips to increase your reading skills.

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