تکنیک های طلایی برای زبان آموزان Golden techniques for elementary level learners

Golden techniques for elementary level learners

Golden techniques for elementary level learners

We are going to teach you the golden techniques for elementary level learners. Stay tuned:

تکنیک های طلایی برای زبان آموزانEnroll in a reputable English school

Try to spend time and money on improving your English at an institution which is worth spending. We usually look to learn the language in a short period of time because we are busy with your affairs and do not have much time. So, the thing is to go to reputable schools, institutions and centers where it is worth spending and does not waste our time.

Use illustrating to learn

To learn new English words, in addition to constantly repeating them, you can also use the illustration technique, connecting a word with an image or story. You may have heard a word several times in different situations, and by remembering those situations or memories, the word has become associated with you helping you remember the meaning and use of it. You can use the same method to learn other words. All you have to do is to make up an interesting story or create an image for the word or phrase to get help from and remember it. Right after that, you have to have a vocabulary notebook to write them down in it to have the chance of reviewing.

Start learning common words

If you look around, you see even people at the elementary level of English proficiency have heard some English words. Different languages of the world have common words and phrases that make a connection between different languages. So, we suggest you start learning English from common words and phrases.

There is no need to travel to learn English
تکنیک های طلایی برای زبان آموزان

One of the excuses for lack of success in learning English is that I can’t travel to English-speaking countries. But we have to say that there are many people who have lived in English-speaking countries for many years but still do not have enough fluency in English. So you don’t need to travel to an English-speaking country to learn English. But, you can change your surroundings and make it look like a native English speaker’s environment. It will definitely not be a difficult task and definitely have a significant effect on your learning.

Follow the accent you are looking for

One of the most common problems among language learners is the issue of accent. You may not have much trouble speaking and having a conversation every day, but your tone and accent will tell you everything. No matter what level you are at, having the right accent has little to do with your vocabulary and English proficiency, but with your tone, type of speech and pronunciation of  words.

The abstract of the article:

In this article, we reviewed the golden techniques for elementary level learners, and if you consider these, you will see significant progress.

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