تکنیک های طلایی برای یادگیری واژگان Golden techniques for learning English vocabulary

Golden techniques for learning English vocabulary

Golden techniques for learning English vocabulary

We are going to teach you the golden techniques for learning English vocabulary. But, before reading these techniques it would be grateful to take a brief look at this article on the general guide to learning English vocabulary.

6 Golden techniques for learning English vocabulary

Try to learn a group of related vocabularies (phrases)
تکنیک های طلایی برای یادگیری واژگان

Learning an English word individually is much harder than learning a group of words. Word groups are much easier to remember, and when retrieved, a chain of words is activated in your mind. Instead of a single word, try to keep even the word groups used in everyday conversations in mind and focus more on common phrases and expressions.

Use the semantic relation of an English word

When we come across a new English word, we should try to relate it to words with similar meanings, or words that help to recall it. For example, to memorize the word ‘gigantic’, it can be associated with a word like ‘Godzilla’ or any similar rhythmic word. This helps to create a mental image of the word and makes it easy to remember and enriches the vocabulary bank.

Remember the opposite words

Usually when it comes to a new English word, we look for the meaning of it. But it is better to find its opposite word(s) to remember the word. At the same time we can learn the pronunciation of those words, the target word and its opposites, to make sure we have added it to our active word bank. With this method, you will memorize both the meaning of the word and its opposite, and you will learn two words at the same time, and this will help you progress.

Set a goal for yourself

Everyone has their own unique capacity and ability, but there are always exceptions. Normally in English learning, each person can only learn 10 words a day. Keep in mind that when we say learning a word, we mean learning up to being confident about using it in speaking and writing. In other words, you might know the meaning of a word, but you would not be able to use it in your English products, speaking and writing. So try to be realistic about your goals. Even if you set more ambitious goals for yourself and work harder to achieve them, sometimes you may see the opposite result and get worried.

تکنیک های طلایی برای یادگیری واژگانTest yourself every once in a while

One of the best ways to learn vocabulary is to challenge yourself. By testing yourself, you can easily understand the areas of your strengths and weaknesses. This will highlight your weaknesses and allow you to address and minimize them. There are also many online tests available today. Participate in them and find and practice areas that need strengthening.

Learn vocabulary with music

It is very difficult to learn an English word with scientific methods. Everyone loves music. Words become easier to remember when learned through a song. When we repeat a piece of music, we easily remember its lyrics. In the same way, when any language takes a musical form, it will easily stick in our minds, and by repeating its melody, the words will flow in our minds by themselves.

The abstract of article:

In this article, we talked about the golden techniques for learning English vocabulary and explained the important points.

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