یادگیری زبان به صورت خود آموز self-study English

Self-study English

Self-study English

It has been a matter if we can learn English by ourselves doing self-study. Self-study is what you can do in your waste time with at the cheapest price. We are going to teach you how to self-study English. Stay tuned:

Learn different English skills through self-study

 Improve Reading Skillیادگیری زبان به صورت خود آموز

There are many resources available in English to enhance your reading skills, but you must choose the right one and not confuse yourself with a host of other resources. One of the easiest ways to learn English reading skills is through educational websites. By knowing your level and visiting these types of websites, you can strengthen this skill and even your other skills. One of our suggested sources for self-reading skills is Ready for IELTS, which is a comprehensive book.

Improve Listening skills

Listening skill is another very important skill in learning English. You should know that English accents and dialects are different in different cities of the world. So one way to learn this English skill on your own is to listen to your favorite songs and educational podcasts.

When listening to songs, first try to understand them without looking at the lyrics, but if you don’t understand a part of the song, you can use certain apps to slow down the playback, and finally, if you still have some words you don’t understand, you can use the lyrics to find them and write them in your notebook with the help of the English-English dictionary. Note that watching movies, documentaries, and favorite interviews is very important in enhancing listening skills.

Improve Speaking skill

One of language learners’ problems is English speaking. A simple and inexpensive way to improve your speaking skills is to have a conversation with your friends and acquaintances and speak about your favorite topics and even your daily routine. About whatever you speak, remember to structure your conversation. Another effective way to learn and improve this skill is to watch cartoons in English because cartoons have easier dialogues and way of speaking.

یادگیری زبان به صورت خود آموزImprove Writing skill

The first step in writing a text in English is like writing in our own language, which means that the first important thing is whether our text is formal or informal.

Things such as observing the grammatical structure of the words you have just learnt, then using them in sentences correctly, and being careful in pronouncing them can help you learn and strengthen your English writing skill, and allow you to take a step towards obtaining a desired score in the exams, such as IELTS, which evaluate writing skill.

The abstract of article:

In this article, we have given you tips on self-study English. We hope taking those tips can help you improve your English proficiency. For further studies you can this article on ways to improve your English.

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