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Spies in Disguise Animation

Spies in Disguise Animation

Spies in Disguise Animation was proudly added to the entertainment and English learning collection based on our motto. This cartoon is one of the animations similar to the James Bond movie series (Agent 007), which was very famous for us in the sixties. The 007 series told the story of an officer with professional abilities in combat and shooting. This animation is also the story of a professional agent who attracts our attention with his extraordinary abilities. This animated film with the taste of comedy and everyday English is very attractive and spectacular, that’s why we preferred to add it to the collection of entertainment and learning English, increasing our word bank and adding new phrases and expressions to it. Remember our motto is to learn English and have fun, both at the same time.

The plot of Spies in Disguise Animation:

This time, the situation is not in line with the purpose of our professional agent. The enemy has achieved the ability to imitate him and is committing crimes in his name and with his fingerprints. Every crime is recorded in the name of a special agent, so much so that other police officers conclude that the agent has become a criminal and is abusing his reputation and skills. They invite him to arrest him. But since our agent is smarter than that, he manages to escape. Escape is not easy because all the forces have a mission to capture him, so he has to go to Walter.

Walter is a young scientist who doesn’t take anything seriously. He had many inventions, but everyone looked at him with a blank stare. Walter also has a cool pigeon, and it happens that our agent turns it into a pigeon to save him, but the situation is even more complicated for the special agent. You better watch this animation yourself. Both entertainment and learning English. Don’t forget about our motto. I loved Walter’s character. You can also tell me in the comments which character you liked.

The language of this animation:

Due to the design of the various characters in the Spies in Disguise Animation, different accents and sentences have been used for them. The special agent is ebony. Their English accent in the United States is their own. It’s even interesting to know that they have their own literature and write their own books and dictionaries. The special point is that the English grammar of blacks is also an exception to the rules and has its own grammar. For example, the third person “s” has no place among them. They talk a little faster and are used to killing a few sentences at the end. Their accent is often used, especially at the end of rooster sentences.

Scientist Walter has his own words. Designed between a teenager and a scientist, he tries to attract attention by expressing himself. He is very friendly and fluent in English. The policewoman, who, of course, uses very serious and eloquent language in her work, and uses serious and slightly harsh words and sentences. Important points in this collection are the English language of Sally and the sweet terms that come together in the form of comedy and jokes by creating a spectacular animation. Both help you learn English and have a good time with your family.

About learning English Language:

Since learning English is the result of practice and repetition, we divided each set into two parts. The first part is to watch this fantastic family animation, Spies in Disguise Animation, and experience fun and entertainment along with learning English with the videos in the collection. In the second part, the comments, you can ask your questions by mentioning the time of the movie. For example, you can easily ask in the comments, “What is said in 15.34?” We talk about these terms in the comments and review their phrases together and discuss them.

Also, tell me in the comments how much you liked “Spies in Disguise Animation” and which character of the animation you found interesting. Don’t forget that learning a language today by watching an animation is a practical way. When our goal is to learn English, trying nonstop hard comes next. However, we can have fun too as our motto says “learn English and have fun”. And in the end, don’t forget to follow our Instagram page.

Learning Method:

1- Watch the movie and enjoy it

2. Comment on English terms and phrases

3- Comment on your questions

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In comments, discussion, review, practice and repeat

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