نکاتی که باید هنگام نوشتن انگیزه tips for writing a motivation letter

Tips for writing a motivation letter

Tips for writing a motivation letter

We’re going to explain some tips for writing a motivation letter.

Writing a draft
نکاتی که باید هنگام نوشتن انگیزه

It’s a good idea to write your first draft. You do not need to follow a specific writing structure. Easily write whatever you want and put everything you have in your mind on paper. After you have completed your main content, summarize it, and try to remove unnecessary items or add necessary ones. Bear in mind that your letter should be formal.

Take your time to write a motivation letter

It is recommended that you write your motivation letter at the right time so that you have enough time to edit it. Do not rush, because this letter is very important for your future.

Start your motivation letter with a proper title

An interesting and exciting start can attract the attention of a group of judges. It is better to start your letter with a suitable and interesting title and introduction, as well as an effective one.

Ask for the opinion of others

It is recommended that you seek the help of a knowledgeable person such as a friend or language teacher who is proficient in writing after you have completed your motivation letter. By receiving various comments, you can find useful tips to improve your motivation letter. You can also compare yours with other sample letters to make sure if you are on the right path. In fact, by doing so, your letter will be hammered and will have the desired output.

Show your strong points

Try to show your strengths. In this letter, you should write about your experiences, skills, abilities, knowledge, and future plans, and thus be able to convince your desired university to accept your application. It’s a sort of business in which you need to sell yourself. Note that you only need to present your strengths effectively.

Avoid exaggeration

As you know, it’s best not to lie in a motivation letter. Present your abilities and skills as they are, so that you attract the attention of the group of judges and have them express their positive opinion about you.

نکاتی که باید هنگام نوشتن انگیزهGo into precise detail

Try to make sure that all the topics in your motivation letter are meticulous and precisely detailed. If you are interested in a particular field, just don’t say I’m interested in that field, but explain your interest and state your purpose.

Avoid imitation

Note that this motivation letter is for you. So don’t copy at all because you will lose your credibility and change the way judges look at you.

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