چگونه در هنگام مکالمه به گرامر Grammar during conversation

How to pay more attention to grammar during conversation?

How to pay more attention to grammar during conversation?

We are going to answer the question of how to pay more attention to grammar during conversation. Stay tuned:

You may also come across people whose minds are a real treasure of English words and phrases, and who have memorized grammatical rules, but can’t communicate well. Probably that’s why most learners think speaking is the most difficult language skill. What is the reason?

These people have taken more time to memorize grammatical rules and words than to focus on communication. This is a big obstacle for those who want to have a good conversation.چگونه در هنگام مکالمه به گرامر
The bottom line is that you can have a good conversation when you follow the grammar rules. But how can you follow the rules of grammar without focusing on knowing the rules?

I would like to point out that the main audience for this article is people who have learned the general knowledge of the language, not people who are completely beginners.

Tip 1: You don’t need to read grammar to have a fluent conversation.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time learning grammar in order to have a fluent conversation. If you are looking for a fluent conversation, grammar rules will prevent you from being dynamic.

You need to think about how, like an English speaker, you can convey your message to the audience easily and in a proper way. If you involve yourself in grammar, you will always think about whether what you are saying is based on grammar rules or not. This will take fluency away.

Tip 2: Methods for observing grammar during conversation

A: Learning phrases

Our first advice to you is to try to learn phrases instead of memorizing grammatical words and rules. By doing this, you will actually learn both the words and the way they are used in sentences together. You may memorize 1000 words, but you can’t say the right sentence. If you know one phrase, you can make hundreds of sentences based on the same phrase.

B: Do not use translation method

If you first consider your maternal language trying to find an equivalent to express your purpose and translate it into English, you will be both too slow probably with many pauses in your speak and bothered with lots of grammatical rules in mind that have to be followed. Try to think in English and learn English as it is. Find your context in English phrases and express it in the same format.

چگونه در هنگام مکالمه به گرامرA: Read English, see English and listen to English

In order to master our mother tongue, each of us read in it in books for a long time, hear it in different situations, and even have gotten our eyes used to it.

Now, in order to master English and speak it well, you have to read English books, watch English movies, listen to English music and express your ability in your surroundings. In such a situation, you will not only learn the rules of grammar, but also use them in practice.

Being in an environment where you have to speak English to meet your needs will increase your vocabulary, on the one hand, and you will learn grammar rules in practice, on the other hand. Progress in this area requires practice and perseverance, so don’t expect to reach your goal in a short time. There is no shortcut on this way.

the abstract of article:

In this article, we discussed how to pay attention to grammar during conversation and use the correct English grammar.

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