meaning of chunk in English مفهوم

What is the meaning of chunk in English?

What is the meaning of chunk in English?

We are going to examine the concept of chunk, seeing what the meaning of chunk is and how it can help us speed up your reading in English. Join us:

How do you memorize words and phrases? Can you remember what you have read word by word? Any problem when you want to use the words of your word bank?

Meaning of chunk in English

In short, chunk is the main idea of a sentence that plays a major role in message transmission. These chunks, small pieces of information, are put together to form the general overview of a passage.

To put it simply, when you want to master a language, the first way is to read words, but you can’t understand or write a text or even have a good conversation with just those words.

You need to know what and where those words are to be able to understand it and then use them in your sentences. To do this, you need to go for chunks that are made up of multiple words.

The main benefit of using chunkمفهوم chunk

Another important point to keep in mind is what the main benefit of using chunk is.

In fact, chunk creates an intellectual leap and helps to put pieces of information together through meaning. Since there is a logical consistency between the information, you can easily understand and remember it.

Remember that memorizing a principle without understanding it, or reading an article without grasping the content of an article is nonsense won’t help learn English. You are learning an international language. Our advice is to go for chunk to master this language.

Chunks are actually like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that are put together to compose a picture out of those meaningless pieces on their own, and convey the right context to the audience.

Each language consists of words that are arranged in a specific order according to specific rules and are expressed in an appropriate retheme and tone. So, an important part of any language is words, your main tool, in fact, for speaking, writing, etc. Realizing important words which make chunks can help you move your eyes quicker on the text and understand it much faster.

مفهوم chunkThe main problem in memorizing words

The main problem for most learners is that they memorize words individually, not phrases or collocations. Learning a large number of words without being able to use them properly does not have much effect on your conversation. How to solve thus problem?

The solution to this problem

If you want to increase your knowledge of English to easily be able to talk or write, you must use appropriate standard and structures. In fact, you need to memorize words in a proper structure, a chunk, if you want them to stay in your memory. In this way, you need to apply effective English vocabulary learning methods in order to enter phrases in long-term memory.

But before that, you have to have them be held in short-term memory. The longer you keep an item in your short-term memory, the stronger its connection becomes in in-term memory. When a series of words, a chunk for example, is well connected to each other and creates a context, it has higher chance to be coded, to stay longer in short-term memory and, thus, to form the association in long-term memory. To read more about the function of memory have a look at this.

The abstract of article:

In this article, we talked about the concept of chunk in English and answered the question as to what the meaning of chunk is and how we can get benefit form in learning English.

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