دفتر واژگان انگلیسی افزایش دامنه واژگان English Vocabulary Notebook

How to create an English Vocabulary Notebook to help increase our vocabulary?

How to create an English vocabulary notebook to help increase our vocabulary?

Creating a vocabulary notebook while learning English helps increase our vocabulary. During the process of learning each language, we are faced with a set of new words. As we know, in English, in order to master the four skills including speaking, listening, reading, and writing, we must have a high level of lexical knowledge. Remembering the spelling, meaning, and pronunciation of words is one of the concerns that all language learners face. One of our suggested solutions is for each language learner to have an English vocabulary notebook for learning vocabulary.

You can have this notebook with you. Use it when you travel long distances, memorize new words and review them.

6 Features of English Vocabulary Notebook

To prepare an English vocabulary notebook, we offer some suggestions to you:

First Point: Include a schedule and contacts

First, the vocabulary notebook should include a schedule for weekly programs and a page for essential contacts of English students (classmates) and faculties.

Second Point: Organize the properties of each English vocabulary

The second thing to keep in mind is to include four columns for each word. In the first column, the word, in the next column, the correct pronunciation of the word, in the third column, the definition of the word and in the last column a sentence example of the word, which will be discussed in the third point, should be placed. Learning English vocabulary without their pronunciations is nonsense. If you did so, you would have learnt them either with a wrong pronunciation or by memorizing the visual image of them, and you would not be able to make good use of your word bank in speaking.

Third Point: Write a carefully selected example

The third point is to carefully select and write an example for each English vocabulary. Reading that example must remind you the meaning of that word with no need to look at its definition.

Fourth Point: Include collocations of each vocabulary

The fourth point is to note the word with related words. Do not write any English vocabulary individually into the notebook. Your input words should be in the form of a phrase. If you do not know which words to associate with a new word, you can use collocation dictionaries or collocation books. Learning vocabulary in this way, in addition to reducing excessive and unusual pauses and helping to increase fluency, makes English learning easier and faster.

Fifth Point: Get help form your English vocabulary bank

As a fifth point, use your previous knowledge to learn new words and connect the new words to what you know. Knowledge can act as a bridge in your brain and make it easier to memorize new words.

Sixth Point: Devote part of the notebook to Grammar and Language Tips

The sixth point is that your English vocabulary notebook should be large enough to be divided into two parts, including essential language tips and vocabulary notes. If you learn new grammar tips or unfamiliar words, you can enter them in the relevant section. Read it whenever you have free time. This will increase your lexical knowledge and speed up your learning. As a result, the quality of your vocabulary learning will increase, and it will last longer in your long-term memory.

More information …

For more information, you can refer to the article “10 ways to increase the vocabulary of English“. I hope you can learn a lot of vocabulary in the shortest amount of time with this guide. It is worth noting that the ready-made notebooks with the columns mentioned above are available in various sizes and colors in the market. You too can save time and make the most of your time by getting these ready-made notebooks. There is also a simple example of this notebook in the download section for you.

An example of a vocabulary notebook is available in PDF format for download and use by those interested in English.

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