نوشتن مقاله در بخش رایتینگ آیلتس essay Writing in IELTS writing section task 2

Essay writing in IELTS writing section

Essay writing in IELTS writing section

We’re going to look at some tips for essay writing in the IELTS writing section. The topic of our discussion is “writing task 2” in the IELTS test. One of the key issues in getting a high score in this section is having a plan before starting writing the essay, so that there are three key points you need to know and then make a plan for. The thing you should take into account is that you need to get ready for IELTS before sitting the test to get familiar enough with each section of it. 

We want to know:

1. What is a plan?
2. What do we do in the plan?
3. Why plan A is important?

1. What is a plan?

نوشتن مقاله در بخش رایتینگ آیلتس

You’ve probably heard that language learners who are looking for a high score prepare a general plan for their IELTS essay before they start writing.
Having a general plan for compiling and writing a text is called planning. This general plan can be very simple and can only help you as a guide.

2. How to provide a plan?

There are four steps you can take to begin the process of formulating a plan for your essay in the IELTS writing section:

A. Question Analysis

In this regard, here are three things you can do:
First: You recognize keywords in the question given to know what topic you are going to write about.
Second: Afterwards, specify complementary words which are those you need to explain.
Third: Identify the main questions words so that you know the flow of your content.

B. Idea Generation

You have to come up with ideas. In this section, you must use the power of your mind’s imagination. Brainstorm any ideas in relation to the topic and question asked. we do the same whenever we want to produce content no matter in speaking or writing.

C. Plan design

After that, you need to decide on what you have already noted down, and what is going to be written in each paragraph.

D: Vocabulary design

You have determined the main words in the analysis section. In this section, you should revise your essay recognizing repetitive words and replace them with synonyms. You should make best use of your vocabulary bank to satisfy the criteria you are expected in lexical resource section in the IELTS marking criteria.

The importance of planing in writing IELTS essays:

Preparing a plan before essay writing in the IELTS test, task 2, is a matter of great importance because of various reasons:

1. Time saving

Learners who do not have a basic writing plan do not know the path when writing the essay. These people will have nothing to write about and will have to stop constantly. As a result, they will lose time.
It only takes a few minutes to draw a general map for what you want to write, but you will save a lot of time while writing the text. Not only does it give you the flow in content, but it also provides you with coherence and cohesion, another key factor in the IELTS writing criteria.

2. Arranging text according to examiner’s expectations (IELTS marking criteria)

نوشتن مقاله در بخش رایتینگ آیلتسBy forming a plan, you will write in accordance to what an IELTS examiner expects you.
People who write essays with no plan may easily get out of the main topic and even get diverted form the topic, not thoroughly answering the main question.
You should note that even if your writing is excellent in terms of vocabulary and grammar, but you do not cover all aspects of the question in your answer, you will not get a high score.
In order for your essay to cover all parts of the question and, thus, fulfill the marketing criteria, you had better have a plan. Read the article on the tips to improve English writing skills

3. Coordination and coherence of sentences

When writing a story based on a plan, both you and the reader of your text will understand the exact position of sentences and the relationship between them in the essay.
The more you practice planning, the better and faster you will plan and then write the essay. You can hand in a coherent essay and get your desired right score for this section.

What was said:

In this article, we talked about essay writing, task 2, in the IELTS writing section, and also discussed the importance of a plan for the IELTS writing section. For further information on IELTS, you can take a glance at this site.

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