نوشتن در مکالمه زبان انگلیسی writing English conversation

Does Writing Affect English Conversation?

Does Writing Affect English Conversation?

The effect of writing in English conversation!

You may have encountered these kinds of questions too. Can we say we can enhance our English conversation by writing in English? Does writing influence conversation? How can writing enhance the conversation? To what extent should English speaking ability be? Let’s start with the last question:

Tip one: The different levels of ability to talk

نوشتن در مکالمه زبان انگلیسی writing English conversation

Most people who start learning English want to be able to speak that language, but what do you expect of yourself? Do you expect to be able to chat easily while traveling and do your homework or just want to find a solution to get the test scores? If you haven’t read the “Fifteen Tips on Speaking English” article yet, we recommend you read it now.

Keep in mind the key point is that if you improve your ability to write in English, your overall ability to learn and even your speaking skills will increase and you will even be able to speed up the development of other language skills and thus understand Have a deeper understanding of what you have learned. We will talk more about this later.

Tip Two: The Effect of Writing on Conversation Boost the English conversation

To do this, we first need to point out the similarities and differences between these two skills in content production:

There are many differences and similarities between these two skills. These differences and similarities are rooted in the content production process. Two parts of our body must function to form and produce content that includes:

1. The mental part of the mind

2. The physical part

The similarities:

Productive skills:

The similarity between writing and conversation is related to the mental part. These two skills are both productive. It is interesting to know that in every language you speak or in any bubble you learn any language, even native or English, etc. The role of these two skills is productive. That means you are producing when you start talking and also when you are writing. Writing itself is a kind of talking. You’re talking about paper. In fact, the area in your brain that is active during writing also starts during conversation. This is easy to prove because the product of the written or spoken content is actually one sentence. 

نوشتن در مکالمه زبان انگلیسی writing English conversation

Post-production satisfaction

Production is one of the most delightful abilities that God has put into the human body. When we produce, the hormones of endorphins begin to secrete and we feel satisfied. This is precisely the sense that the inventor feels when inventing or the scientist discovering something. One invention goes to another, why? When we repeat production, whether it be written or spoken, invented or discovered, our subconscious mind encourages us to produce more and repeat this feeling. In fact, for us, production becomes a pleasant habit. We find a double incentive to produce and continue to produce. Writing in English reinforces this sense of satisfaction and motivation when speaking in English..

The differences:

the differences between the two are in the physical part. Of course, most of these differences also contribute to the skill of conversation. These differences are rooted in how the conversation is formed in the physical, where our bodies are activated.

Content production deadline
stress control

The most important of these differences is time and stress during production. Naturally, when we are writing something, we have more time and space. We don’t have the stress of responding fast so we can focus and think better. More focus, in turn, enhances the speed of information retrieval and, consequently, production. We feel less stressed and not worried about making a mistake. We have the chance to read and modify our production text over and over. But we don’t have much time for conversation, especially when it comes to English. There is not much time to give a proper answer. Our audience is not patient enough to wait for our answer during the conversation. We should have maximum impact in the least amount of time. The time pressure is too high, which in turn reduces stress and weakens concentration.

Correcting mistakes

Mistakes can also be highly mocked and even sometimes unforgivable. The deadly feeling of blame and shame heightens our stress. We hear our heartbeats from our ears. Feeling fear causes adrenaline secretion and sweats our forehead and body. He has little time to sort out his ideas in mind and may even be at our disadvantage and endanger us. So Cologne’s expectations in conversation are much higher than writing in either English or any other language. Of course, we should not be perfectionistic and expect to write flawlessly from the first moment. Bugs themselves are a way to learn.

Writing a practice is good talking. Writing like mental exercise prepares you to present the subject verbally. The speakers of the world never begin to improvise. They often write and modify their text. Many times they read their text alone and with their friends and seek their opinions. Writing makes your mind talk.

Content Production Physics

Another physical difference relates to the organs that produce the content. When writing your eyes, your hands and fingers help you produce content, but lips, tongue, throat, throat, nose, and vocal cords come to our aid. The flow of air and its collision with the vocal cords of the sounds and the circulation of this sound through the organs mentioned make up the words and combine the words of the sentences.

Now imagine repeating and reading it out loud as you write. Whatever happens, your ears will also come to your aid and the information flow cycle will begin. You are explaining what you have learned. Albert Einstein says, “If you can’t explain something, you don’t understand it.” Writing can create and enhance the information reproduction cycle. He discovered bugs and tried to fix them. Write your ideas in English then share it with friends and schoolmates to read and give you feedback. Learn from feedback and strengthen your English language skills.

Tip Three: A Summary of the Multiple Impact of Writing on Boosting English Conversation

A: Getting help from a new mechanism for learning

If you can learn from different mechanisms in the course of learning, your learning process will speed up and you can even experience a deeper level of learning. You all have a standard office for registering new vocabulary.

When you start writing in English, the information recovery cycle is shaped and reinforced.

B: Writing, a tool for conveying a message

You do two things when writing a post: first you prepare a message, then you convey the same message by writing. This is similar to the way you speak, except that you express it by mouth and record it on paper.

A: Writing, a way to identify growth

Committing yourself to writing makes you have an archive of your writing at different levels. After some time, you can notice the difference between your first, middle and most recent posts. Differences not only appear in the more complex sentences and words, but also in the speed of writing, which also affects the speed of speech. You will not only improve your target audience quickly. Rather, you learn how to control yourself and your words during the conversation.

D: Writing, a way to get feedback from others

When you want to assess the level of your competence in terms of experts and have no contact with them in person, one solution is to submit your studies in writing, in chat, and so on. These people can evaluate your speed, accuracy, and ability by viewing your post and offering good suggestions.

Perhaps the most important point of this article can be stated in this paragraph. See if you want to find a solution that enhances your English conversation. We discovered the solution to “writing”. You can also read the article “The Effect of Writing Practice on Improving Speaking Skill Among Pre-Intermediate EFL Learners” which confirms the significant effect of writing on both writing and speaking skills.

The most effective way is to have a diary. This means that you can quickly write down when you are having trouble talking to someone. Write that you don’t know grammar or remember a word that is equivalent to what you mean. This will require new vocabulary or important rules in your subject areas that will be a great learning opportunity; in addition, you will go the “vocabulary and rules of mind” by writing each line.

What was said in this article:

1- Expected Conversation Level: Your Expectation = Effort + Time

2- Characteristics of two conversational and writing skills and their effects

3- A brief overview of the impact of writing on enhancing English speaking ability

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