Writing Collocation:give opinion

Writing Collocation: give opinion(نوشتن)

Writing Collocation: give opinion

برای نوشتن یک متن اولین چیز داشتن یک ایده خوب است. تقریبا بیشتر افراد یک نامه یا حداقل یک متن ساده را نوشته ‌اند. داشتن یک ایده عالی  شما را به نوشتن یک متن عالی‌تر سوی می‌دهد. در این مقاله کلمات زبانی  و Writing Collocation: give opinion ها را یاد خواهیم گرفت. حتما فایل صوتی مربوطه که در انتهای این مقاله گذاشته شده است را گوش کنید.

Reviewing the work of academics

در متن‌های زیر که مربوط به مرور نوشته‌هایی است که در روزنامه نوشته شده تعدادی از کلمات زبانی و Writing Collocation: give opinion را یادمیگیریم.

1- In 1998, Lucas Georgescu published the results of his groundbreaking research on genetics. His latest paper also makes a significant contribution to the field. He sets out some powerful arguments which will shape our thinking for years to come

groundbreaking research: تحقیقات پیشگامانه

makes a significant contribution: کمک بسیار مهم

sets out powerful arguments: بیان استدلال ‌های قدرتمند

shape our thinking: تفکر مارا شکل می‌دهد

Partridge strenuously defends her theory, which  has come under attack recently in several journals. She argues that the Prime Minister played a central role in the political crisis of 1811, and goes into great detail to support her argument.

strenuously defends: بشدت دفاع می‌کند

come under attack: موردحمل و نقد قرار گرفتن

played a central role: نقش اصلی را بازی می‌کند

goes into great detail: جزئیات زیادی را بیان می‌کند

3- In this latest book, Marina Kass gives an account of Karl Marx’s philosophy and provides evidence to support the claim that Garpov seriously misinterpreted Marx. In addition, the book offers a concise summary of the present state of Marxist philosophy.

gives an account of: گفتن یک داستان از یک فرد

provides evidence: ارائه شواهد و مدارک

support the claim: پشتیبانی از ادعا

concise summary: خلاصه خیلی کوتاه

4- Nathan Peel attempts to establish a connection between mobile phone use and physical damage to users’ brains, but he does not offer irrefutable proof and the statistics do not show any significant trends.

establish a connection: ایجاد ارتباط

irrefutable proof: اثبات انکار ناپذیر

significant trends: گرایشات قابل توجه

Stating things strongly and less strongly

در جملات زیر ایده‌هایی که قوی یا ضعیف هستند را با استفاده از Writing Collocation: give opinion توضیح می‌دهد و کلمات زبانی زیادی یاد خواهید گرفت.

Strong expressions of opinion

The invention of the steam engine was the key factor in the birth of the industrial revolution.

The events of 1954 are a perfect example of how political leaders make misjudgments that have serious long-term effects.

This is a clear illustration of the importance of a strong monetary policy.

Less strong expressions of opinion

The figures offer a tentative explanation of the causes of acid rain pollution. an explanation given by someone who is not totally certain that it is the correct explanation!

The statistics broadly support the view that the economy is heading towards recession.

key factor: عامل کلیدی

perfect example: مثال عالی

clear illustration: مثال شفاف

tentative explanation: توضیح آزمایشی (مطمئن نبودن از توضیح)

broadly support: پشتیبانی گسترده

Other general academic collocations

در متن زیر چندین Writing Collocation:give opinion و کلمات زبانی بیشتری را می‌آموزیم. حتما فایل صوتی گذاشته شده در انتهای مقاله را به خوبی گوش کنید.

There is a strong tendency in the work of some linguists to suggest that spoken language is inferior to written language.

We must first gather evidence, then carry out a detailed study of all the factors that play a part in social conditioning.

You cannot expect your claim to be accepted if you cannot offer supporting evidence.

Simon Hart challenges the theory of social change put forward by Professor Kemp.

It is important in academic writing always to acknowledge your sources. If you fail to do this, you will commit plagiarism, [use another person’s idea or a part of their work and pretend that it is your own]

strong tendency: تمایل زیاد

gather evidence: جمع آوری شواهد

carry out a study: مطالعه کردنکلمات زبانی

play a part: نقش داشتن

supporting evidence: حمایت از شواهد

challenges the theory: به چالش کشیدن فرضیه

acknowledge your sources: تصدیق منابع

commit plagiarism: مرتکب دزدی علمی شدن

تمرین Writing Collocation: give opinion

در تمرین زیر collocation درست را انتخاب کنید.

Kelly has written a fascinating study of how early people originally got to Australia. He presents some very (1) powerful / mighty arguments to support his theory. He offers plenty of (2) persuading / supporting evidence to back up his ideas. He has a rather strong (3) trend / tendency to (4) test / challenge others’ theories too aggressively, but in general this is a (5) groundbreaking / irrefutable research paper which will (6) form / shape thinking for some time to come.

فایل صوتی  Writing Collocation: give opinion – Academic English

make an outline: طرح کلی

main point: نکته اصلی

propose your theory: مطرح کردن نظریه

touch on several issues: بیان مطلب بصورت خلاصه

draw a distinction: بیان تفاوت

draw a parallel: بیان شباهت


در این مقاله Writing Collocation: give opinion را با هم یادگرفتیم و کلمات زبانی خود را افزایش دادیم. در مقاله بعدی که مربوط به همین موضوع است ما را همراهی کنید.

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