read a novel in English

How to read a novel in English?

How to read a novel in English?

Have you ever asked yourself how to read a novel in English? Or lets’s say how to read in English? Today we are with you to answer this important question that is one of the most frequently asked questions. So stay tuned…

There are many ways and techniques for reading novels aimed at learning English. From shade techniques to active listening. In this section we explain the simplest way.

A suggested method:
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the enhancement of  listening of sentences’ pronunciation

In this way, we finish the book in a few hours or tens of hours, during which time we listen to the voice of an English speaker and read and hear thousands of words and sentences.

This will increase both your listening skills and a number of new words added to our English vocabulary and reduce our fear of English books, what you really need while learning English. Because the reality is that many of us may never start reading an English book because of fear.

Note that in English, words are pronounced differently in sentence form. That is why, although we worked on the pronunciation of words, words and sentences in the previous stages, it is still necessary to work specifically on our listening and pronunciation skills in the sentence. In the process of learning English, it is necessary to learn a language itself not as what so called a second language. It means that you must not take it apart.

The important points:

Here are some tips of how to read for deeper understanding, a two-way element. They help you get the gist and details of what you you are reading, therefore you will enjoy your reading; also you enthusiastically continue learning English as you are understanding. Stay tuned!

Try to understand very well whatever, a novel or a magazine, you read in English. Put yourself in an environment where you have a good focus. So generally speaking, the primary and most important requirement for reading a novel in English is careful focus.
If you find that you did not understand something during the study, go back for a better understanding and review the material again.

The second point is that novelists in English usually do a lot of detail. When they are repeating a story, they must have an intention. Notice these repetitions.

Third, remember the main themes of the story. Unless you consider themes important, a story that expresses an important theme in simple language may be weak and low.

The fourth point is to get acquainted with literary elements such as metaphors, characters and …

The fifth point is to read the reviews of a novel. If you do not read these reviews you may be mistaken in analyzing the novel.

The abstract of article :

In this article on how to read a novel in English, we talked and came up with some useful tips and tricks of learning English. To read more, it is recommended to take a glance at the article “How to Read a Novel“.

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