چگونه لهجه خود را کاهش دهيم؟ تلفظ How reduce English accent pronunciation

How to reduce our English accent?

How to reduce our English accent?

How to reduce our English accent? Many of the English pronunciation problems that learners face are because of the misuses of sounds in their native language. So the pronunciation problems you are experiencing are probably similar to the problems that other “same-language” learners are facing.

When a native English speaker tells you that you (for example) have a Russian or Chinese accent, he actually confirms this. Many accent reduction programs are based on research that identifies specific sounds that each language group (eg French, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, etc.) has when it comes to English words.

For example, 70% of Spanish speakers have difficulty in pronouncing / st / sound in the word stick, while Chinese has no difficulty pronouncing it. The following tips will help you reduce the impact of your native language on your English.

Pay attention to Native English Speakers how they move their mouth and reduce their English accent.

Pay attention to the mouth movements of the speaker while watching the English language programs. Repeat what he says and imitate his tone of voice.
Speak slowly 
Speak up until you have mastered English tone and sounds. If you speak fast but with the wrong pronunciation, English speakers will find it difficult to understand what you are trying to say. Also, if you keep on “speaking  with wrong pronunciation”, these mistakes will persist in your mind.

 Use Dictionary

Know your dictionary’s phonetic signs and look for words that are difficult for you to pronounce correctly.

Ask for help from Others

چگونه لهجه خود را کاهش دهيم؟
Make a list of words that you find difficult to pronounce and ask a native English speaker to pronounce them for you. Meanwhile, you need to pay careful attention to how he/she pronounces the words to reduce the English accent. It’s good to record it and listen to it later and repeat it yourself. If you do not have such a friend, you can use the software to spell words with the recorded human voice. (You can use Pronunciation Power or the Longman Dictionary).

Listen to Books with tapes  

With books that have a tape or audio CD you can read and listen at the same time. Read parts of the book aloud and record your own. Then compare your voice with the main speaker and try to correct your mistakes. You will become surprised how this method has helped you reduce your accent.

Pay attention to ‘s’ and ‘ed’ suffixes

Learn the correct pronunciation of the words ending in s or es. for example, consider -s or -es.This suffix sometimes sounds /s/ (Eats), sometimes sounds /z/ (plays), and sometimes sounds /iz/  (e.g. at washes).) Click here to learn how to pronounce these words correctly.

Read English Aloud and follow English accent reduction rules

Read an English text (such as a storybook) for 15 to 20 minutes each day. This will help you strengthen those muscles of the mouth that are used for speaking English. Research shows that speaking a new language takes about three months of daily practice to strengthen the oral muscles (for that particular language).

Listen to your own voice

چگونه لهجه خود را کاهش دهيم؟

Record your own voice and listen to it for your pronunciation errors how you reduce the accent? How have you been successful in accent reduction? This is a great exercise because it helps you to be aware of the mistakes you make constantly.

Be patient

You can improve the way you talk, but it won’t be overnight. Accent reduction is what needs your constant effort. People often look for immediate results, so they get discouraged too early and give up trying.

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