English language learner problems

The main problems faced by an English language learner

The main problems faced by an English language learner

No doubt that the process of language learning is not easy no matter the language is English or any others. The problems that an English learner might face is the focus of this article today.

The main problems faced by a learner are as follows:

1- Creating excitement in language learning:

All learners like to speak English well. They get excited about the idea of ​​being able to speak “fluently” and communicate with others in English. But they usually don’t pay attention to the training process itself. For most learners, learning English is a compulsion, something they have to do but do not want to. They find no pleasure in learning English. In short, most language learners like to speak English but do not like to learn English. This is the first and foremost problem facing a language learner, because someone who is unwilling to learn a foreign language will not learn it well. If you didn’t like English, then English wouldn’t love you!
If you want to be a successful learner, you need to love the process of learning. It is important to take the time you spend learning English as your leisure time. For example, you should enjoy the following:

مشکلات اصلي پيش روي
  • Reading English sentences and thinking about their structure
  • Learn new words from a dictionary
  • Write a correct English sentence with help from a dictionary, a grammar book and internet
  • Practice pronunciation of English sounds and words ideally, learning a language should be a pleasure for you. You should consider yourself a “language learner” – one who has chosen learning English as one of his favorite activities.

2- Making the First Life Change:

Deciding to learn English needs to make a difference in your life. For example, you decide to spend 30 minutes each day reading an English book and you insist on it. Making a small but permanent change in your life is not easy, especially if learning a language does not seem to be “fun”. However, learners should remember that if they spend 15 minutes a day studying and learning English, they will do better than devoting one day to each month.

3- Making other changes in life:

Although it is difficult to make the first change, it is difficult to make subsequent changes. Many learners take the first step (for example, reading a book in English daily) and stop there. They do not engage in “English-making” activities.

مشکلات اصلي پيش روي

A good language learner has a set of activities (reading text, watching native language programs, pronunciation practice, etc.) and selecting each one based on his or her mood. An activity in itself is not enough, because first, you get tired earlier and secondly it gives you a range of language skills that are typically very limited. Reading English texts, for example, cannot enhance your pronunciation, although it can enhance your grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills and comprehension.


This article discusses the three major problems that learners faced with and the solutions to these problems.

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