انیمیشن داستانی چهار دوست Four friends animation Entertainment Learning English

Four Friends Animation

Four Friends Animation

انیمیشن داستانی چهار دوست

Animation of Four Friends is a short story in English about four friends: a mouse, a crow, a deer, and a turtle. The friends live happily together, but suddenly changes in the forest make them anxious and endanger their lives. But, cooperation between these four friends helps them to escape danger. You can watch more movies in the fantastic family set of Entertainment – Learning English.

This video speaks, in form of images, to us in its beautiful language. It talks about the problems that stand in the way of our lives and points out how these problems can be overcome with cooperation. This story tells us how we can address our weaknesses with the help of our friends. Our motto is to have fun and and enjoy learning English at the same time.

Plot of Four Friends Animation

A mouse, a crow, a turtle, and a deer were four good friends who live in the same forest. Although they had lived together for many years, they had never fought with each other.
One evening, the mice, crow, and turtle flocked to the lake as usual, but the deer was late. Hours passed and she didn’t come at last. “what happened to the deer?” The mouse asked sadly.

Lost friend

“Maybe the hunters trapped him,” said the crow.
“We have to look for him,” The turtle said. Crow! “since you can fly, go everywhere in the forest and try to find him.”

The crow flew away. One of his close friends got lost, and he was terribly worried. As he flew, he shouted, “Deer! deer! where are you?”
Suddenly a faint sound came to the crow’s ear: “Help, help! Help!” I’m here.”

Friend in trouble

The crow searched for the sound and found the deer. She got caught in a trap of a hunter. “I can’t help you alone,” said the crow, sitting sadly next to his friend. “I have to go and fetch other friends here.”

The crow said this and reached out to the turtle and mouse and let them know that the deer got caught. “The mouse can tear the net with his sharp teeth and save the deer,” the turtle said.

“But how can I get there quickly?” Said the mouse. “Before I arrive, the hunter arrives and takes the deer”, he added.انیمیشن داستانی چهار دوست
The crow replied, “I can take you there.” The mouse agreed and sat on the crow’s back. The crow jumped and took to the skies. They soon reached the deer. The mouse came down behind the crow and sniffed the nets. The trap was torn, and the deer was released.

At the same time, the turtle arrived, and the friends were happy as they all were healthy together, but the hunter turned up. The crow jumped up and sat on the tree. The mouse hid in a hole and the deer quickly got away. The turtle, unable to walk fast, was left alone. The hunter …

The abstract of the article:

In this article, we talked about the animated story of four friends, and we reviewed a part of this story, and in the end, we put it here for you to watch or download. You watch more movies in the fantastic family collection of Entertainment – Learning English, and do not forget to follow our Instagram page.


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