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Ma film

 Ma film

Fans of real-story horror genres will see Ma film. This film was added to the series of Entertainment – Learning English due to the feature of the story and the excitement that is made from the interesting dialogues and terms of English language. This movie is not recommended to people under 13 of age. The story of this film depicts the feeling of kindness and fear together. We can’t call it a family film. This movie is not for kids. The story and dialogues of the film are such that in addition to excitement and entertainment created, they help us learn English, the goal, our motto, that we are looking for by watching films. You can watch more movies in the fantastic family set of Entertainment – Learning English.

 The plot of Ma film

Ma film is the story of a mother who cares for her sick daughter wholeheartedly. The ma’s daughter was not born congenitally but lost her health in an accident. Ma is very upset about this. She is not to blame for the accident, and now what she is facing is a girl who has to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. The other kids play easily, go to parties, have parties, make friends, and sometimes play jokes on her and her daughter,  but the ma of our film is alone. The girl complains to her mother and blames her. Pain on pain.

On the one hand, you have to see your daughter’s suffering and melting with your eyes, and on the other hand, you have to bear the wounds of her tongue and her blame. The difficulty multiplies. Motherhood, no emotion is higher than the feeling of being a mother. Still patient and kind.

How Ma’s character turns

Perhaps it is because of this kindness that when a group of young people comes to her to ask for a place, a shelter,  for giving a party in, she can not say no to them. She doesn’t like to say no. She invites them to her house and welcomes them with warmth. The kids are very grateful to Mom. Her love is really special. Too special. “How kind! How lovable! I wish my mother were so kind”, the kids might think. It comes to our minds too. But who even thinks that the food can be poisonous !? It is better to watch the film yourself, but not with family because it is not suitable for children. I hope you enjoy the entertainment of Ma film and of learning English with films. Our motto and goal that you and we work on together to achieve.

The language of the movie

The language of this scary and, of course, the fantastic film is American English, mixed with kind and harsh dialogues. The main character of the movie, Ma, is a bipolar character who, while being kind, can be very ruthless and violent. The dialogues of the film are written in such a way that they can convey both feelings to us. We have both soft and gentle expressions and cold and harsh terms. Since both senses need to be articulated with a special enunciation, the audience can fully understand it. Thus, the value of learning English film is added. Along with this, the excitement that pervades the film culminates in a fun and engaging feature. I hope that in addition to having entertainment and fun time, you will also benefit form English learning feature of this movie; our motto.


About learning English Language:

Since learning English is the result of practice and repetition, we divided each set into two parts. The first part is to watch this fantastic but not quite a family movie, Ma film, and experience fun and entertainment along with learning English with the videos in the collection. In the second part, the comments, you can ask your questions by mentioning the time of the movie. For example, you can easily ask in the comments, “What is said in 15.34?” We talk about these terms in the comments and review their phrases together and discuss them.

Also, tell me in the comments how much you liked “Ma” and which character of the film you found interesting. Don’t forget that learning a language today by watching a movie is a practical way. When our goal is to learn English, trying nonstop hard comes next. However, we can have fun too as our motto says “learn English and have fun”.

Learning Method:

1- Watch the movie and enjoy it

2. Comment on English terms and phrases

3- Comment on your questions

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In comments, discussion, review, practice and repeat


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