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The Intern Film

The Intern Film

The Intern Film was added to the entertainment and English learning collection. One of the outstanding features of this film is the captivating story that nails you to listen and see until the end. Keep in mind that our goal, our motto, in watching this movie is to have a purposeful hobby, which is to learn English at the same time. The film begins with Freud Sigmund‘s saying, “Love and work, work and love.” A series of challenges are raising in the business world, which, of course, has its own language. You have customers who are sometimes dissatisfied; you don’t have enough time to work; you can’t even get enough sleep, and even investors can put pressure on you. Oh, and some other problems that may arise either at work or at home.

But nothing more catastrophic than a family problem at this phase in life can disappoint you. It’s not enough to be just a good manager; you have to have companions to get help from, colleagues to do you a favor and help you be off the danger list. Jules (Anne Hathaway) was lucky. She had found a good one. She had found Ben, Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro). Our common goal with you: both to enjoy this family movie and to learn English.

Managers’ challenge

Finding a motivated, hardworking person has always been one of the most important challenges for managers. Choosing the right person is not an easy task. There is always a list of people who apply for a job. The problem doubles when these people don’t even know how to present themselves. How to take risks to be able to get more points from the manager or employer. One of those points can be reaching an agreement with higher salary. Most of these job seekers are not trained to be able to present a more effective resume to the body and introduce themselves better, and to sell themselves better.

The manager is looking for the right and trained workforce to be able to take a burden off his/her shoulders. On the other hand, he is afraid that something will be added to his/her work by choosing the wrong choice. He/she may not even think for a moment to figure out what concerns an applicant may have. On the other hand, the applicant may only seek higher wages without paying attention to the employer’s fears and worries. Two different and distant islands.

Win-win solution

I wish the two of them, instead of thinking about themselves and getting advantage from each other, would think about gaining the trust of the other party. The employer should pay the salary freely according to the efficiency and usefulness of the applicant and his/her performance, that is, the higher the efficiency of the applicant, the higher the salary. And the applicant should try to make the employer think that the more efficient he is, the higher his salary will be. In this way, we will have a win-win situation.

The better they know each other, the more straightforward they can reach an agreement on the issues such as salary and bonus, efficiency and effectiveness, and the relationship between the individual and the team. The importance of this issue is clearly seen in The Intern Film. Don’t forget that our goal is both entertainment and learning English, both together! You can watch more movies in the fun and family series of the Entertainment – Learning English.

The plot of the Intern Film

Ben is a retiree who, of course, is not very happy with his retirement. That first man, or rather the leading man in The Intern Film, is Ben, Robert De Niro. He has lost his wife and his children and grandchildren are far away. He has a lot of free time that he has to spend alone. Well, when you’re alone and you don’t have a job, you have a lot of extra time that you don’t know what to do. If you are like a human being who has been active and energetic for forty years, it can be very tedious. But Ben didn’t want to just watch and watch himself grow old and die. He did not want to count the days waiting for the angel of death to come and invalidate his identity card.

Live life to the full

Ben wants to live. He intends to live. So he decides to look for a job. It doesn’t seem difficult for him to find a job because the 70-year-old man is handsome, well-dressed and experienced. He also loves challenges and problem solving. He likes to set his two black alarm clocks every day for a purpose and a plan.

He loves to wake up at a certain time. After showering, having breakfast, dressing and etc., he feels alive to enter his dressing room, and to choose his favorite suit and pair it with hundreds of ironed shirts waiting to kiss his body. Then he goes to tie shelf and finally matches the shoes and the color of the model so that at the age of 70, he can attract women of at least the same age. He looks really attractive, honest and prestigious with a body that is kept fit with yoga.

The job is found: the internship in The Intern Film

Ben found the ad. He was happy that he might still feel as useful as before. But a few phrases written on the yellow ad paper with a modern font and layout seemed a bit weird to him. “If you are a retired person looking for a job, this ad is for you. You need to prepare your resume in a certain format and then email it. You also have to make a video in a certain format and send it to us after uploading it on YouTube or Vimeo.” Many of these phrases did not even exist during Ben’s tenure. But Ben was the man of challenge. What can be better than a start that starts with what you love, challenge.

He started making videos of himself and sending them. Interestingly, on the day of the interview, he did not even think that he would have such many rivals. A bunch of over 60, 65-year-old retirees came for the interview. Of course, given Ben’s morale, they weren’t such stubborn opponents. So he simply pushed them aside and got the job he wanted in the division where President Jules worked. Wo0o0w! You go work with the boss, not the lower-level employees! What better than this.

Ben’s boss: Jules

Jules was the boss, but she was a busy woman who didn’t want to waste a second. Jules always had something to do, and even more often was behind the schedule and came to the meetings late. Imagine this person were married and had a sweet baby girl with all the expectations and small and big desires from her mom. Well, on the one hand, the responsibilities of home and family, on the other hand, the expectations of a husband and child from a spouse and a mother. Now add occupational stress, such as sales problems, customer affairs, packaging issues, investors’ complains, and so on to her work.

Jules, a successful lady, a graduate of Harvard University with a degree in business, beautiful and chic and of course rich, but with all the work problems and worse than that family problems, especially if there is a catastrophe like a betrayal, really needed help but didn’t want to ask anyone for help. By the time, she had not found the person she wanted to be both trustworthy and skilled enough to hand over at least some of that responsibility. but wait … . Chance sometimes comes itself. Ben came. He … . It’s better to watch this fascinating movie with your family altogether. Enjoy it and help yourself learn English. Watching this movie helps us take a step towards our goal, our motto. In the Entertainment – Learning English series, you can select different genres, animations, and movies.

The language of Movie

The Intern Film language is a language of humor that blends with everyday English. The characters in the film are friends who speak informal English, and slang can be seen in their conversations. The dialogues of the work environment are semi-formal. By writing fantastic dialogues, the author made the story of the film more interesting that invites us to have fun while learning English, which directs us to our motto.

The focus of the dialogues and conversations is to tell the life story of a successful person whose success has been doubled along with having a perfect team. So the words and phrases we will see in the film are the ones we need when living in an English-speaking environment in dealing with native speakers. Watch this family reunion and experience English entertainment and learning together. Don’t forget what our goal and plan is.


About learning English Language:

Since learning English is the result of practice and repetition, we divided each set into two parts. The first part is to watch this fantastic family movie, The Intern Film, and experience fun and entertainment along with learning English (our motto) with the videos in the collection. In the second part, the comments, you can ask your questions by mentioning the time of the movie. For example, you can easily ask in the comments, “What is said in 15.34?” We talk about these terms in the comments and review their phrases together and discuss them.

Also, tell me in the comments how much you liked “The Intern Film” and which character of the animation you found interesting. Don’t forget that learning a language today by watching a film is a practical way. When our goal is to learn English, trying nonstop hard comes next. However, we can have fun too as our motto says “learn English and have fun”. And in the end, don’t forget to follow our Instagram page.

Learning Method:

1- Watch the movie and enjoy it

2. Comment on English terms and phrases

3- Comment on your questions

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In comments, discussion, review, practice and repeat

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