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Extraction Film

 Extraction Film

Extraction Film was added to the Entertainment – Learning English language series. One of the outstanding features of this film is that it is primarily multilingual, and secondly it has thrilling action scenes. In this film, do not look for a strong script and story, because the basis for making such films is to create action scenes with high excitement. The charm and excitement of the scenes in this movie nails the person to sit down and watch it until the end. Let’s not forget that our goal in watching this movie is to have a purposeful hobby, which is to learn English at the same time as enjoying watching it, especially if the pleasure is accompanied by excitement.

Of course, I have to add that Extraction Film is not a family movie at all, and even has its own age group, that is, over 13 years old, because the story is a rescue mission, Extraction, of the son of one of the arms and drug traffickers who was taken hostage by a rival group. Some of the scenes are really intense and very bloody, so be careful, it’s not a good movie for kids.

The presence of an Iranian actress

Regardless of the exciting scenes of Extraction Film and, of course, from time to time very violent and bloody, the role of the successful Iranian actress, Ms. Golishifteh Farahani, in this film was very attractive to me. It is always a source of pride and love for us, Iranians, to be part of global success, to flourish our talents and abilities, and to shine in the world.

Sometimes we have nothing to lose

Man’s maximum effort and power emerge when he has nothing to lose. That’s where he decides to break the boundaries of disability and fight with all his might. Of course, it also depends on the person. Some people love to give up. Loved the excuse, maybe this is a good excuse for this group of people to give up and give up soon. I remember reading Daren Hardy‘s book, the Compound Effect a best-seller worldwide, that just achieving a goal and having a plan are not enough to achieve a goal, you have to have another element called motivation, the most straightforward thing we can learn form the movie.

A very simple example of this could be dieting and losing weight. We all like to be fit, when entering a meeting, like drawing everyone’s positive attention. Everyone should look at us and say, “Hey man, you’re in great shape, what a toned body!” Maybe many times you have tried to lose weight, been on a diet, called weight-loss TV programs and even seen a doctor. Millions of times you’ve been to gym and tried different sports programs, either offered by our friends or given by a coach. … But what was the end? Nothing! After a while, we stopped trying and, tired and frustrated, gave up both the diet and the exercise program. It is not that you threw it away, no. You’re keeping it somewhere in your drawers to use it one day in the blue moon.

Motivation: The missing link

We had both a plan and a goal, but what about motivation? No! Now imagine if a doctor told me, ”If you don’t lose these 20 kilos, you won’t be alive for another month!” then what? Now the situation is different. This motivation is so strong that it can get us out of the bed very early in the morning and push us to park, walk, run and exercise.

When you have nothing to lose, it means that the goal is no longer just a goal, is everything, is life. Then there is room for effort to the point of death. You want to either save yourself or do something to save your loves. Any impossibility becomes possible.

In Extraction Film, the importance of motivation is clearly seen. Tyler Rick was in the same situation that death or life was no longer important to him, but his only important goal was to save a boy who trusted him. The boy who revived his son’s memories and feelings while he couldn’t do anything for his son and save him from death. Don’t forget that our goal is both entertainment and learning English, both together! You can watch more movies in the fun and family series Entertainment – Learning English.

The plot of Extraction Film

The rescue operation of a teenager named Ovi Mahajan is being handed over to Tyler Rick (Chris Hemsworth), a trained officer in Australian special forces named SASR. You have been in the Special Forces for many years and you have not been trained! He has a very high level of physical fitness, so this kind of operation seems almost like a piece of cake for him. Nick Khan (Golshifteh Farahani) informs Tyler about the operation. When these two examine details of the rescue operation or the extraction, they realize its special conditions.

A special operation

This operation is really special. On the one hand, the hostage-taker is the son of one of the largest Indian drug cartels, who fortunately was arrested and is currently in prison. Perhaps he would not have been imprisoned if he had been able to get help from someone like Tabar Khan, an Iranian corrupt judge who could have got a bribe of 8 billion tomans (2 million US dollars). Due to the father’s conflicts with one of the drug traffickers living in Bangladesh, Asif, the hostage, his son, is taken and transferred to Dhaka.

Hiring another person at the same time and canceling the rescue contract in the middle of the operation is another matter. On the other hand, imagine that most of the military and law enforcement forces are corrupt, and all of them, together with all the gangsters, drug dealers, and criminals, work for a so-called gentleman, for Asif, a smuggler. Then you have to fight with the whole city. Worst of all are the special features of Dhaka that make the operation a hundred times harder. I don’t know how much information you have about Dhaka.

Where is Dhaka?

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh with a population of 21 million, is the sixth most populous city and the ninth-largest city in the world. The city is located in the Bay of Bengal, which, apart from its commercial features, is one of the wettest and rainiest areas in the world. Interestingly, the city of Dhaka is surrounded by four rivers, and there is no way to leave it except crossing the bridges over these rivers. If you want to get there through the bay, you have to use ships and ferries.

Now imagine being in this crowded island city and being supposed to save your body! What ways or means do you have to escape? Almost no way! Because by closing the bridges and blocking the way to the bay, you have no choice but to become a bird. Ovi was imprisoned in such a place, and poor Tyler was supposed to take Ovi out of the town as well. Things will get worse if all the police and army forces, all the gangsters in the city, work for the $ 10 million reward to kill you.


This is where my friend thinks of betrayal. Wherever you are in the world, even if you are Romanian in a hotel under the protection of Interpol, and someone may come and try to throw you down to the ground from the balcony of your room. These days, you can’t trust anyone anymore. Even the Interpol police. You can easily die while you are alive or alive while you are dead. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Tyler must have been at war with one of his best friends.

You’d better watch this fascinating movie yourself. As I said, this movie is not family at all and has an age limit of lower than 13 years. Enjoy it and help your English learning. Watching this movie helps us take a step towards our goal, our motto. In the Entertainment – Learning English language series, you can select different genres, animations, and movies.

The language of Extraction Film

Extraction Film has a harsh language. Of course, we also have emotional and friendly scenes in it, which, in addition to making the story more beautiful, gives us a wide range of English words and phrases mixed with different emotions, so it adds to the educational value of the film. Remember to enter these words into your vocabulary notebook immediately. Another feature of this film is that it is multilingual. The film has been made in various locations, including Australia, India, and Bangladesh, and features a wide variety of actors, including Iranians, Australians, Indians, and Bangladeshis. As a result, we encounter different types of English dialects, each with its own learning effect. To improve the educational use of the film, read the article “English language learning program with film”.


About learning English Language:

Since learning English is the result of practice and repetition, we divided each set into two parts. The first part is to watch this fantastic family movie, Extraction Film, and experience fun and entertainment along with learning English (our motto) with the videos in the collection. In the second part, the comments, you can ask your questions by mentioning the time of the movie. For example, you can easily ask in the comments, “What is said in 15.34?” We talk about these terms in the comments and review their phrases together and discuss them.

Also, tell me in the comments how much you liked “Extraction Film Film” and which character of the animation you found interesting. Don’t forget that learning a language today by watching a film is a practical way. When our goal is to learn English, trying nonstop hard comes next. However, we can have fun too as our motto says “learn English and have fun”. And in the end, don’t forget to follow our Instagram page.

Learning Method:

1- Watch the movie and enjoy it

2. Comment on English terms and phrases

3- Comment on your questions

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In comments, discussion, review, practice and repeat

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